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cutting for power lifting

I need some help here. i’m compete in powerlifting meets. while I’m able to be competitive (average finish is fourth overall) i feel like i’m cheating myself. I compete in the 190-220 weight class. while my weight is only 204. what would be the best way to cut the weight without hurting my strength.–( I did this last year and was so sick after cutting the weight i was in the hospital for dehydration after the DISSAPOINTING competition) So I want toi do this the right way but unforunatly i don’t know how . Any advice will help. THanks alot

You weigh 204, compete in the 190-220 weight range; yet, want to go down in weight?

Why do I not see the reasoning here? Why not work on gaining some size and strength to move your weight up to 215? Why drop the weight (14lbs), along with sacrificing strength?

Work on strength gains; pick up your calories.

Gain weight!!! Go to the 220’s just keep gaining weight an getting stronger.I lift in the 242’s my goal is’nt to win a trophy it is to win the battle with myself. I want to squat 700 pounds on December 7th If I train my ass off and gain weight and have to go 275 I dont give a fuck because the only one I am competing with is myself. I learned this mentality from reading Louie Simmons articles and it has helped me a lot. My goal is to squat a 1000+ and if I have to be a shw to do it, then so be it cause I am not planning on loosing this battle because I will have to wake up and look my opponet in the mirrior every fucking morning…Hope this helps Big Martin

I agree with patricia. Unless you are currently well above 10% bf, don’t entertain making the lower weight class.

Bulking up would be much better. If you are competitive already, imagine how much more so you would be with another 10 pounds worth of strength on your bones…