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Cutting For Pics

I am going to be a senior in highschool this next year, I have senior pics in the middle of June and i want to be toned up. I guess what im asking is what is the best way to lose the bulk fast but keep the strength since im in football. Is there any supplements i should take to help or shakes or waht? Right now for lifting i am on Nitrix. what should i do in a month and a half to cut the bulk. Thanks


Read. This. Fucking. Site.

Drop that Nitrix and stop wasting your money on that NO shit.

Unless you’re really fat, which I see that you’re 260 pounds for 5’10", so I’m guessing your a little overweight, my advice would be increase your cardio (tredmill & sprints on the the track) and just keep lifting hard.

No supplement will help you at your age to lose fat except plain creatine and a shit load of protein.

Good luck with football!

You had better not be thinking about taking your senior pictures with your shirt off.

Not cool, man.

Not cool.

More cardio.
Less junk food.
More weights.
Less Nitrix.
More Metabolic Drive.
Less questions.
More reading.

If all else fails…

More Photoshop.