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Cutting for Photos


I'm looking for tips and advice on how to get as cut up as possible. I'm in a fire fighter,s calender competition and i want to look as good as possible. I've been dieting for six weeks and have lost 17 LBS but the last 5 LBS or so i can't lose. Is there anything a can do to get more cut in a short period.
Any advice would help.


Going to have to lower your calories or increase the amount of calories you're burning to lose more weight. It's easier if you keep track of what you're doing in detail so you can make changes. There are no tricks.


Depending on your current bodyfat, this might work:



Try upping your healthy fats, lowering your carbs too under 100g a day and drink at least 3 Litres of water.

Btw, whats your matinace, how much are you eating and what are you eating? What do you weight, whats your Bf% and how often do you train?

Its just your post is very vague for the level of information you want back. We could give you a bunch of ideas but without knowing where your at or what your doing it wont really help.


I'm 5'11", i weight 169lbs. Not sure what my BF%, don't have anywhere to check it. This is my first time cutting weight and competing so everything is new. I train 5-6 times a week. I did the south beach diet and lost 17 lbs. My diet now is similar to that, which is little too no sugar, low carbs and high protein.

Thanks for all the tips. Hopefully this info. is what you were looking for Oregand.



5'11" and 169lbs? You better be ripped as hell already.... otherwise you're just going to look very very small.


While I agree with Gregron that your stats don't exactly sound like you're going to be very muscular looking if you cut more, I'll throw this suggestion out there...

If you've been keeping this diet approach for a while now (what you followed to lose 17 lbs), I'm sure your body had adjusted to it. Try bumping your carbs up for a few days, throw a 'curve ball' at your metabolism, and then see what happens when you resume your lowered carb approach.