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Cutting For My First Show

T-Nation, it’s time I give a shot at a bodybuilding show.

I’ve lifted all through high school for football and wrestling. I started college and began getting more into bodybuilding, but I lacked the extreme dedication it took. For the past year and a half I’ve been training my ass off in the weight room in hopes to accomplish my goal as a competing bodybuilder.

I could always use a routine critique, tips, flaming, whatever.

I’m sitting at 5’10" 215 lbs at about 15% bf

08:00:00 AM 4 eggs ½ Cup egg whites
11:00:00 AM Handful of Almonds
12:30:00 PM 2 Rice cakes w/ Peanut Butter
1 can Tuna w/ celery
03:00:00 PM Chicken breast w/ brown rice
03:50:00 PM Anaconda, Banana

05:30:00 PM 2 Scoops Whey
06:00:00 PM Chicken Breast salad
09:00:00 PM Hamburger patty w/ green beans
Before bed Cottage Cheese w/ jam and Flax seed


Deadlift 4x6
Leg Curls 3x8

Calf Press 4x8
Calf Raises 3x10

DB Flat Bench 4x8
DB Incline Bench 3x6

Seated Hammer Curls 2x6
Incline curls 2x6
Reverse Curls 2x6

Resistance Crunches on ball
Medicine ball

Calf Press 4x8
Calf Raises 3x10

Cardio HIIT 20 Minutes

Quads Squat 4x6
Leg Press 4x6
Leg Extensions 2x10

Standing Military 4x6
Rotator Cuff 3x8
Lateral Raises 3x8

Rack Pulls 4x6
Pull ups 3x8
Barbell Rows 3x6

Weighted Dips 4x8
Close Grip Bench 3x6
Cable Extensions 2x8
Cardio HIIT 20 Minutes

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You know, most folks, with that height, and that weight, would be at much higher bodyfat. Pics?

When is the show?

[quote]EasyRhino wrote:

You know, most folks, with that height, and that weight, would be at much higher bodyfat.

What’s your point?

Most guys that size are not involved in competitive bodybuilding.

What do you need help with? When is the show?

You should post pictures if you want constructive criticism. Bodybuilding relies solely on appearance, so having something for us to judge and base our suggestion off of is vital.

Also, some more specific questions would also help you get some more specific answers.

I am shooting for doing a show around the end of August. I’m still talking with my buddy(competitive BB) on which one I should do because there are a few I can pick from.

I guess I’m trying to get input if I’m on the right track with my routine and diet for a show since I’m new to this.

I don’t have pics right now, I’ll work on finding a camera.