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Cutting for Hypoglycemics


I'd like to lose roughly 22 lbs of fat. I've had some success with cutting in the past, but hypoglycemia is really being a bitch. I should say that I haven't got an actual diagnose but I've read a lot about this and I have most of the symptoms. Either way, what's happening ("hypo" or not) is that when dieting I get irritated by everyone and everything for no reason and can't think straight.

I've been doing the Madcow 5x5 Intermediate routine for about two years. My current stats are the following and if necessary I can upload pictures.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 168 lbs
Bench: 3 x 176 lbs
DL: 5 x 265 lbs
Squat: 3 x 209 lbs
Bent over rows: 3 x 138 lbs

And perhaps most important of all, when cutting in the past I had six equally large meals throughout the day, consisting of mainly broccoli, spinach, brussels sprouts, tomato, bell peppers, eggs, wholemeal bread, cheese, peanuts, milk, whey protein, ground beef, chicken and tuna. I tried to maintain a caloric intake of 2400 kcal on workout days and 2000 kcal on off days.

Now, as ever, it seems like most people experience this when cutting. I study CS and need to be able to think properly during semesters, so unless there's something I can do about this (that allows me to not go "full retard" when studying because of a calorie deficit!) I guess I have to start dieting some time next summer. Suggestions?


Stop being a bitch.


That was uncalled for.


I think what Vicomte means is that anyone and everyone whos dieting down, or cutting wieght is going to go through what you are. I have he probably has and so has everyone else its just something you have to get through. Thats why stimulants and thermogenics are so widely used, they give you energy, focus and suppress your appetite. If you have problems theyre probably what i would recommend. Some good ones are Biotest HOT-ROX extreme, GAT jetfuel, or BSN themonex. They help alot.


Um, what?

You're going to change around factors of a diet because it "seems" like you 'might' be hypoglycemic?

Get that shit diagnosed NOW, worry about it when it's a reality.

I really hope you realize the asinine logic you're spewing right now.


hypoglycemia isn't just about being irritated. If it's really a medical issue, then you could lose consciousness, go into a seizure and possibly die.

otherwise, what you may be referring to is just blood sugar that can dip a little low if you go too long without a meal, which your body will then release sugar into the blood to correct things.


Fixed that for ya.


This is fucking retarded.

SSC, jehovasfitness:

My main issue is dieting while studying--without a "conventional" carb intake I can barely calculate 2 + 2. Sure, I may not be hypoglycemic, I was mainly describing my experience of dieting and I asked for ways of circumventing the problem of not being able to concentrate on coursework. Should everything fail I'll just resort to dieting during periods of not studying, since that's when I'm OK with the nasty side effects of cutting.


Thanks, I'll look into those.