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Cutting for Competition


Hey everyone I am 6 foot 225 pounds. I used to weigh 140 and be skinny guy, then bulked up to 225 over two years but remain somewhat lean except for my glutes and waistline, also my abs. How should I go about cutting without losing my muscle??










Sorry video you cant see any definition really but its there on triceps and quads, but just thick


This is a troll, right? Is the contest for Flabbiest Teen?

Your legs look like they have some decent size and you look generally thick, but I don't think you would look good enough for a comp after cutting. I'm far from an expert though, so feel free to disregard my musings.


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Yeah man, I've gotta agree with the poster above me. You said in your original post that you "remain somewhat lean, except in your glutes, waistline, and abs." Well what else is there that you're using to say that you are still lean? I don't think you'll be happy with the finished product if you diet down to extremely low body fat levels..right now you look like a kid playing high school football that gained 30 lbs over the summer after his coach told him to bulk up (I've been there myself!). I guess what I'm wanting to say without sounding like a dick is that you would be better served to slowly drop some of the excess fat you've accumulated before going into a gaining phase by carefully adding macros. Put any thoughts of competing on hold for the foreseeable future




The competition is june 2014. so I should slowly cut now? Thanks guys, except optheta, fuck you bitch.


You should slowly cut now to put yourself in a good spot to continue growing, not cut with the intention of competing in spring of '14


ill try and be more positive than the other posters

good base, i think thats kind of what i looked like after i first bulked up. My advice would be to start dieting and try to lose about 1 lb per week as long as you can. after youre worn down, maintain that weight and slowly increase calories...but not gaining much or any weight. right now to be in shape youd have to cut down at least 50 lbs. so i wouldnt really think about competing until you have lost at least 25-30 lbs


You need a long, long, offseason of chicken, steak and potatoes.
Bulk and train with mild intensity, and try again in 2015.
You got good thighs, and your chest and delts are coming, but you need some work.
My opinion is to put on MASS.


photos look like they're from the 1920s ...


its good you have a strong looking frame, I'm no expert, but honestly man you put on a lot of weight too fast. If you did everything almost perfectly from the time you started working out at 140 till now you could have max only put on 48 pounds of muscle or so and this is you counting exact calories, macros and everything. So you have quite a bit of fat to get rid of and because of the quality of the pictures no one can really tell much about your body comp. I'd agree with the posters above to cut some weight and bulk slowly. Bodybuilding is a mental game, if you start really cutting and don't like how body looks after because theres not as much muscle as you thought it might really discourage you and set you back.



kidding kidding


This video really sucks and its hard to see something but..

You have a lot of bodyparts that need work.. imo if you compete in 2014 you will not be happy and sorry to say but you are in a bad spot to compete at that time..


Well because you are very soft right now to be honest.. but if you start cutting the extra softness now you will most likely look somewhat "ok" for a 16weeks out shape in maybe idk.. 3months.. which brings us early december

I guess u could try and bring bodyparts up from december to february.. but not much can be done in 2 months and ud have a chance of gaining fat back considering where you are right now..

Ur other option would be to try and bring up your bodyparts right now, but the problem is you are already "too fat"..

I would diet down to ~8-10% bf, this will help you see where you are at.. and then gain for about a year.. and then compete

As far as your weak bodyparts go

1) Chest - no thickness, at all. Work on squeezing it not just "going thru the movement" when doing presses
2) Hamstrings - .. where are they? Good news hamstrings improve really fast. Start your legs workout with some type of legcurls anjd finish your workouts with either ghr or sldl with a focus on the stretch
3) Triceps - you lack mass on your long head, hs seated dips, overhead extension, etc
4) Lower lats - im guessing most of your back workouts consists of rowing stuff to the sternum and some pulldowns. Add a movement where you row to the hips (meadows row, db rows TO HIPS, low cable rows) and i'd also add pullovers for your front lats spread

Thats it for now


Nice, Thanks dudes I will Let you know how its goes