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Cutting for Beginners


Hi guys

I am a 173cm male and i weight about 74kgs. I have a big stomach and love handles so i was thinking of cutting. is that a good idea as a beginner (as in I am just about to start lifting). i am pretty weak tbh

Bicep curls - 10kg (5x5 sets/reps)
Overhead press - 35 kg (5x5 sets/reps)
Squats - I am working on mobility but I should be ok with 45kg
Deadlifts - 75-85kg

mobilities issues, no money to hire personal trainer, zero knowledge on this shit. So please help.


I don’t think cutting makes sense for beginners. I don’t think it makes sense for most people, unless it is for competition (weight class sports).

Be more active.

Eat basic, healthy foods.


Remember that it takes time.


Soooo just eat to maintain weight, eat healthy and just idk lift??


Agree with Tepford. Do not cut. Once you lose the fat, you’ll just be an un-muscular boney twig.

You don’t need a trainer, some of the best trainers in the world have posted their programs on this site and will answer your questions at no cost.

As far as diet, slowly clean up your diet, so that 90% foods come from quality source ie. meat, potatoes, rice, veggies, etc.

Do that for two years and you’ll like the result.


x2 with dChris

As a beginner just training hard on a full body template or fatloss program that incorporates heavy lifting will both lean you out fast and put on some muscle. Try one of these…


I feel as though you have made this topic a few times.


Eat healthy, lift, be a gull durned athlete.