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Cutting for a Half Marathon


Guy with a big mouth here, my wife said all I do is lift and no cardio and that I couldn't run a half marathon with her if I wanted to.... Well mr big mouth took the challenge. That being said I have 12 weeks to train and figure I can use all this cardio to my advantage to cut down a little.

I trim down quick when I go low carb but it honestly drains me. Running that much wirhno carbs could be tough, would carb cycling be in my best interest? I have a long run day, one or two med distance days and a short easy recovery day.&


Off top, I would say carb loading and carb cycling. However, I am still learning myself about the effects of carbs has on my performance. I would post this question in the CT thread under questions about training. CT has wealth of knowledge. Finally, my uncle does marathons and when I talk to him, he does something similar to carb loading before he runs and he puts in 7-15 miles every other day at least 3 days per week and is skinny as toothpick.

Good luck!


Running is easy if you are fit. I have run several Marathons, not with any record shattering times but I didn't do bad either. They aren't super hard, just uncomfortable.

Run a couple of 5ks and maybe two 10ks along with your regular workouts. Maybe pop a conditioning workout/warmup before your main workouts (like 25 1/2 body weight thrusters for time) and you will be fine.

As far as diet - Just eat more carbs don't worry about "cutting" - whatever the hell that means.


I want to use this to lose some bf I possible since I'll already be doing so much cardio. But as sargeQ said I don't want low carbs to affect my performance.


concentrate on one thing at a time. work more on speed and you won't have to worry about calories as much, just minimize the fat. Well if your a pig like me and eat fried foods and butter alot. If your running enough you can eat cups of ice cream and still lose fat in the summer.


Since when did cardio(running in this case) become more challenging than lifting?


Didn't say it was the wife Just thinks I'm a cardio wimp bc I generally don't have to do it. But I eat diff when gaining than when attempting to lose.