Cutting - Feedback Please

I’m 5’ 11 1/2" and weigh 205lbs. Just for some general backround, I can bench 185 and squat 220 (need some work on the squats, I’ve been slacking).

Okay so I noticed that I have been putting on too much fat and havent been eating clean enough to stay with a low body fat. I actually didnt begin lifting with a low % body fat. I started around 20-25%.

I’ve constructed a diet and based it around the T-Dawg 2.0. If you guys could see how this is and tweak it or tell me where i’m heading in the right direction that would be great.

I plan on loseing about 10-15lbs and start bulking but eating clean and start getting ready for my Senior year next year in school.

Couple things about the diet here, the *'s show my workout days and non-workout days. The * meals w/ the most carbs are for my workout days.

Here is what the diet consists of:

Meal #1 (Breakfeast):

1/2 cup Oatmeal - 150C 3F 27Carb 5P

Milk - 40C 5F 4Carb 3P

Eggs 3 - 255C 13.5F 0Carb 10P

1 TBSP Udo’s Blend - 125C 14.5F 0Carb 0P


Beaf Jerky - 80C 24F 0Carb 14P

Almonds - 170C 16F 5Carb 6P

2 TBSP Natural PB - 210C 16F 6Carb 8P

Meal #2 (Lunch):

Albacor Tuna - 120C 1.5F 0Carb 23P

Dressing - 130C 13F 2Carb < 1P

*Salad - 5C 0F 1Carb 1P


*1 Egg - 85C 4.8F 0Carb 3.3P

Meal #3:

Chicken Breasts - 190C 5F 0Carb 10P

*Mixed Veggies - 50C 0F 15Carb 0P


*Cheese - 110C 9F 1Carb 7P

Meal #4 (work out):

2 scoops Surge - 350C 1.5F 49Carb 25P

Meal 5# (Dinner):

Steak - 350C 15F 0Carb 10P

Salad - 5C 0F 1Carb 1P

Dressing - 10C 19F 0Carb 2P

Meal #6 (Bed)

1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese - 80C 1F 6Carb 12P

My workout usually consists of:


CHEST - 135x3, 155x5, 165x3, then try to hit some bigger weight at like 175x2.

I’ll usually do some decline w/ dumbells for 30x8, 35x8, 40x8.


LEGS - I really dont do legs. I know it’s horriable and I need to start but im not sure on how many sets and reps to do. I’m basicly stuck with squats only. I have a home gym in my basement. Which consists of a power rack, a set of dumbells, easy curl bar and a belt (all new).


BICEPS - Hammer curls 25x5, 30x5, 35x5.

Easy Curl bar - 35x10, 40x10, 45x5. (very consintrated, no back arching or throwing of the weight).

Preacher curls w/ dumbells - 25x5, 30x5, then I’ll go down to 20x5.


CHEST - I’ll do chest again with the same sets/reps but no decline, just regular benching only.

TRICEPS - Over head tricep extention sitting, 30x5, 35x5.

Skull Crushers - 35x5, 40x5, 45x2


Shoulders - I’m not sure what to call these exercises so I’ll try to give my best description.

Sitting down in a chair with two dumbells in my hands then raising them above my head (like a chest press motion but over my head not out infront) and touchign them together and bring them down parallel w/ my shoulders then back up and so on.
I do about 30x5, 35x5, 40x3.

Shrugs w/ bench bar - I do about 135x10, 155x8, 165x5.

Another exercise I dont know what to call: Just take a dumbell in each hand and keep your arms straight as you raise the dumbell out infront of your body. I do that for like 20x5, 25x3. My 25x3 set is actually sloppy, it have to slightly throw the weight up.


BACK - Pull ups. bodyweightX5, BWx3, BWx2. I tried weighted pullups but I did it ghetto. I put on my belt and put a 20lb dumbell on it and could only do it about x2.

Bent Over Rows - I do it with dumbells 20x5 and it’s truely sloppy. I actually tired taking bench plates (the 10lb ones) and did it with those x5.

Saturday is also my free day for eating. I get to have more carbs then usual.



Okay, whew, finally done. So that’s my total work out and it’s hard to find gains on my back, tri’s, bi’s and shoulders. =/

I’m not exactly sure what im doing wrong. Or even if I just wasent eating enough. I was eating little more than usual but it was all “bad” food.

Look forward from hearing from you T-Bros. Any advice, feedback, opinion etc would be great, thanks alot.


Could anyone respond? Please?

Is it fair to say you are just starting out?

One thing I noticed right away was that your protein intake is really low and your fat intake is high i.e your 1st snack.

I would advise you to do more comppound lifts. As you stated you really don’t do legs, that’s a problem. They suck but you have to do them.

I would also advise you to get on John Berardi’s great nutrition articles and read, read, read. I just scratched the surface there is much more to it.

Good Luck

Okay, I’ll start out, but you need to make it easier for us. For example, I don’t really want to add up all your food to find out your totals for the day.

Generally, up your protein a bit and lower your fats. Perhaps eat lower fat cuts of meat than steak. Maybe go for skim milk. As long as you are getting enough fats, get that protein in there.

I also don’t see any fish oil in there at all. Where is your EPA/DHA coming from if anywhere?

You’ll also have to ramp up your workouts somewhat. I don’t see a solid program with the volume you want in there.

You can pick any good program off of this site, or if you just want a suggestion, do something based off a heavy compound lift 3 days a week.

Monday: Bench

  • benches
  • dips
  • bent rows
  • chins

Wedneday: Deadlift

  • deadlifts
  • upright rows
  • shrugs
  • abs

Friday: Squat

  • squats
  • calves
  • shoulders
  • biceps

I like to do something to warm up before I do the big compound lifts, but generally I want to get them in first. After that, I don’t have to worry about form and injury as much in the remaining stuff. I don’t care what you do other than the big lifts, just make sure you are working hard for about 45 minutes or so.

Anyway, no matter what you choose, get some serious volume in there. If you are going to go heavy, get more sets. If not, get more reps. For example… do 4x8 on squats, deads and presses. Pick a weight that lets you do it. If you work out alone, be sure to keep your form good.

Once you have some reasonable volume in your workout, throw in some serious food after the workout. A meal with protein and low GI carbs that have to be chewed. If you are doing a good job of getting surge and carbs after workouts lower your carbs on off days.

Finally, a lot of people will tell you to drop the fat first, because when you gain you’ll gain a better ratio of muscle to fat if you are leaner. It’s up to you. I’m a former fatty myself and I finally got tired of trying to lean down and am now finally working on eating enough to bulk up.

Anyway, you may get conflicting or confusing advice, but just keep at it. Pick a program off this site. Follow it. Work on improving your nutrition all the time without freaking out about it. After a couple months pick another program… repeat! :wink:

As for your diet: Increase protein.

I’m also going to assume you’re just getting in to the iron game. Stick with it, real results take time.

Try a program that focuses on high intensity lifting…Meltdown II for example (do a search for it). You’ll get stronger AND leaner QUICK.

Best wishes.

Diet looks pretty good, but personally, I don’t cut well when I eat before bed. Also, I’ve read a few artilces lately where they say the mercury in albore tuna is really high. You might want to try regular ole tuna, as it’s not as bad. Maybe throw in a few servings of whey here and there (since it’s pretty hard to overdo prtein and it’ll help ya cut).

Otherwise, I thought it looked pretty good…

If I totaled it correctly, I’m showing ~2460 cals (but it is probably less, I believe there are some errors in your data.) Of that,

  • Fat: 60%
  • Carb: 17%
  • Prot: 23%

You will need to rearrange this to drop the fat in exchange for upping both carbs and protein. Given your stated goals, I’d shoot for roughly 35-40% Carbs, 30-35% Prot and 30% fat. I’d increase your vegetable intake, especially cooked or steamed green leafy ones. And I’d replace the Almonds and PB with another TBSP of Udo’s, which I’d take with the last meal of cottage cheese.

Thanks for the feedback.

I’m taking out my snack because school has started. So for lunch I now have a salad and fat free milk. When I get home I’ll have like tuna or chicken and then further follow the diet.

I’m starting Meltdown training II tomorrow morning. School really interfears so I am getting up at 5:00am and do all my exercises before school then right after I’ll perform my PM workout. I’m doing the Monday, Wed, Fri btw.

Wish me luck guys.