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Cutting Fat

My name is Scott, I am 16, 5’7", 200 lbs. I dont know my body fat %, but i have been on a cut program for about two months and, have dropped 15 lbs. I am a pretty broad kid (body wise), big shoulders, legs, pecs, etc. Just with alot of fat around it. I take ripped fuel extreme, and protein supplements.I was just wondering if anyone had any advice as to cutting more fat, faster. Advice would be much appreciated!

At 5’7" and 200–with alldue respect–losing 15 lbs in 2 months on a program designes to lose fat is a little weak.

My guess is you need to get a better grasp on your diet. Be honest with yourself. Have you cheated and how often.

If you are looking to cut faster–really cut the carbs, especially the processed ones and especially any after your PWO-(post workout nutrition).

You can also increase your cardio, but the most dramatic results will come from nutrition changes.

Again, watch the carbs. Choose the leanest types of protein, and make sure to get enough good fats in your diet. Easy to do with fish oil supps and flax.

Losing the fat is not the easiest thing to do, everything seems to be made for convenience. But really pay attention to what goes in, and what comes off will suprise you.

Actually NO, losing 15 lbs in 2 months is just about perfect and near the high end of what you would want to do naturally and preserve as much LBM as possible.

Aiming for the 1-2 lbs a week range.

I would say just keep up what you are doing. Make sure your diet is clean. It a slow process but this is a lifestyle not a quick fix. In the long run you will be much happier for takin it slow and holding on tio all the muscle you can.

As for nutrition. Check out these. They may help.

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The Carbohydrate Roundtable, Part 1&2

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M/E Reloaded

T-Dawg 2

Add that to a Good training program which includes both weights and cardio and just keep pluggin away.

Hope these help and GREAT work so far.

Keep it up and come on back with any more ?'s.

Thanks Phill, for the encouraging words of wisdom.

New status, on 6-15-05 i am now 187lbs, i work out 5 days a week, run 2 miles everyday, and do 150 crunches and 150 pushups everynight.

[quote]Blindguardian863 wrote:
New status, on 6-15-05 i am now 187lbs, i work out 5 days a week, run 2 miles everyday, and do 150 crunches and 150 pushups everynight.[/quote]

Good Lord!!! You better be eating properly or all that hard work is going to burn muscle too.

I don’t see why you should run 2 miles a day either. I’ve done this. It made it very hard for me to gain muscle. Twice a week should be efficient if you workout 5 times during that cycle.

Also, please tell me you take atleast a couple of days off somewhere during that week. Sounds like you’re going to burn yourself out. You don’t have to slam yourself to lose weight. As long as you eat healthy the weight will come off naturally. You shouldn’t have to force weight off. Be sure you eat atleast 5 small, nutritious meals a day. The fat will melt off your muscles in no-time-flat.