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Cutting Fat!!

I’ve lost 19lbs since late Jan., however I am getting bored waiting for the fat to disappear. My intake averages 1700-1900 kcals. I’m 5’11" at 224lbs (24% BF). I’ve been reading a little about Hot-Rox, is it worth the hype/money? Should I be eating more? More frequently? I try and shoot for every 3-4 hours, my protwin in 200-250g and I am really trying to keep the carbs down to 100g.

I have been lifting 3 days a week, some weeks 4x. Also, I hit the treadmill 2-3x per week as well as workout with my students.

Any ideas??

it sounds like you are making great progress as it is. I wouldn’t change anything until you quit seeing results or start loosing significant muscle mass. It just takes time, temper your expectations a bit.

I have never tried Hot-Rox, but I will when my ephedrine stash dries up.

I’m sorry, but it does not seem as if he is making “great progress”. At 224lbs, he is undereating, even for dieting. This is why he has noticed little fat loss even while losing over 19lbs. I guarantee most of what was lost was muscle tissue. I would take about two weeks off from dieting in any way, then start back up with about 3-500cals less than maintenance calories. I would spread out cardio to no more than 3 times a week for the first few weeks. You don’t “starve” fat off of you. All this will do is force your body to use protein as a major fuel source. At that weight, I would also be shooting for much closer to 300gr of protein daily instead the 200 you were taking in before.

Totally agree,

You are undereating majorly!
I know some 130 pd women that eat more than taht in a day.

Holy crap, you must feel like crap.
I would slowly increase the calories by about 250-500 per week and see what happens, you’ll feel better and your perform better.

If you are worried about it, try to increase the calories using fats. They pack a punch in a small space. I.e. handful of nuts is a quick snack that provides alot of healthy mono fats to the diet. Or a teaspoon on flax oil in a shake is high calorie. Give it a try, and maintain the working out. The fat will leave.



How did you set up your diet? I thought T-Dawg 2.0 was pretty good. I would alternate it with ketogenic diet every 3-4 weeks till you reach your goal and gradually add calories to the level for maintenance or muscle gain. You also have to be really careful of what you do for your workouts. It’s easy to lose muscles if you’re doing it wrong while on fatloss program. I would stay away from high volume training and stick to heavy weights at lower reps, probably no more than 5 reps @ 7 RM loads and around 5 sets, doing a few compound exercises, no isolate exercises keeping the workouts to no more than 45-60 mins. I used modified Westside program with a great success. Mag 10 might be a good one to keep the muscles if you do ketogenic since you won’t be consuming carbs at all but it won’t be around very long. Consume a very high quality protein shakes with healthy fats will do the trick for the most part.