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Cutting Fat

T-men, just a quick Q for all of you. I just bought some MD-6, Tribex, Power Drive, and ZMA. My question is can I use Tribex, and ZMA during a cutting phase and still gain some mass, or should I save some money and only use them during a mass gaining phase? My concern is with the reduction in calories will not allow me to gain a whole lot of muscle. Also, is the Anabolic Diet safe, or should I stick with the basic calorie reduction diet? Your comments are appreciated.

This is my opinion stud. First, decide if you want to bulk, or if you want to cut down. If you got some excess fat, it might be best to cut down and then bulk up later. You drop those calories and you will NOT gain a whole lot of muscle. Anabolic diet is safe but from my experience with it , it is only okay to get cut with. Stock up on metamucil for that diet though. Fat Fast diet kick ass if you can bare it. I suggest you use T.C. diet if you are new. Check out Diet Manifesto for info on diets.