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Cutting Fat


Hey Guys i'm new to the Forum
I have a couple of questions to ask
i'll start with my Details: 1.92m, 82kg
i started working out 6 months ago

i use to weight 73kg but after working out i put on 9kg (not all muscle...but still)
my primary target is to reach something like Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV body...and i know its not easy)
i go to the gym 6 times a week and i bust my nuts
i have a 11% fat percent....

1st. i want to know how to cut my fat percent from 11 to 5...yes guys 5%
2nd. i want to know which foods i should avoid eg: Fat, Carbs and Protein (and which fats) and what i should eat more of
3rd. most importantly i want to lose all that fat without losing my Physique (i mean i still wanna look like i weight 82 Kgs but with a much lower fat percent)
4th. this one is a quick question...does Fish Oil actually help you cut and rip? cuz it sounds a bit dodgy
my workout is OK...i'm guessing...6 Days a week 6 Different Muscles(Biceps, Shoulders, Chest, Back, Triceps and Legs)(Abs Every time)(No Cardio!!)

I have Nitro-tech Whey and Syntha-6 (but i don't use them)

Thanks Guys for all your help (sorry i made you read a lot but really....thanks)


You might want to post more details on your current lifting program and diet. Also, you will probably never look ripped like Drago if you don't do any cardio.


its basically 4 Different exercises at 3 sets at 12 reps each 4x3x12
and Abs is 2 Different Exercises (1 Lower and 1 Upper...until i feel busted) also 3 sets each
thats why im here on this Website i want a Workout and a Diet Plan
all the trainers in my gym are Junkies....A.K.A Steroids :frowning:
so some help is greatly appreciated


You've got your shit completely twisted. Forget about body fat percentages. If your goal is to look like Drago you've got a lot of work ahead of you.

If you want any real help post your actual workouts, what exercises you perform on what days, how many sets, how many reps and how much weight. Post your current diet, as in everything you eat from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

No one is going to hand you answers without some real input on your behalf, and if they did, it probably wouldn't be much help anyway.


I suggest you READ the articles on T-Nation. I pretty much use Christian Thibaudeau's methods/workouts as my bible. I have seen progress in my lifts over the last few weeks despite losing around 7-8lbs.

As for nutrition - check out Roussell + Shugart's 100g carb diet. Basic premise is to limit your carbs to around 100g per day, and build the protein/fat content of the diet to suit your needs. I'm using this approach and I can tell you it's working. I'm losing fat and getting stronger.

Eat carbs in the morning/peri-workout. All other times have plenty of fibrous veggies (a little bit of carbs in these), protein, and healthy fats. Voila.


Hmm i see ok i'll make a new thread tomorrow with my proper workout and diet


Thanks man i'll give that a look