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Cutting Fat Workout


Hey Guys i'm new to the Forum
I have a couple of questions to ask
i'll start with my Details: 1.92m, 82kg
i started working out 6 months ago

i use to weight 73kg but after working out i put on 9kg (not all muscle...but still)
my primary target is to reach something like Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV body...and i know its not easy)
i go to the gym 5 times a week and i bust my nuts
i have a 11% fat percent....

1st. i want to know how to cut my fat percent from 11 to 5...yes guys 5%
2nd. i want to know which foods i should avoid eg: Fat, Carbs and Protein (and which fats) and what i should eat more of
3rd. most importantly i want to lose all that fat without losing my Physique (i mean i still wanna look like i weight 82 Kgs but with a much lower fat percent)
4th. this one is a quick question...does Fish Oil actually help you cut and rip? cuz it sounds a bit dodgy
my workout is OK...i'm guessing...5 Days a week 5 Different Muscles(Biceps, Shoulders, Chest, Back, "Triceps and Legs")(Abs Every time)(No Cardio!!)

I have Nitro-tech Whey and Syntha-6 (but i don't use them)

Diet Workout Days
Meal 1: 1 Liter of Full cream Milk
Meal 2: Cooked Beef or Chicken(with tomato sauce) + Rice
Pre Workout: 2 Apples
After Working out: Biltong 200G (Biltong is a form of beef jerkey...)
Meal 5: A packet of Chips and Noodles (you should really mix those they taste amazing)
Meal 6: This depends on where i go out....but most of the time its Carbs enriched Foods which includes Bread

Diet Non-Workout (this is cut down to 3 meals)
Meal 1: 1 Liter of Milk with Cornflakes
Meal 2: Beef or Chicken (with tomato sauce) + Rice
Meal 3: Again this depends on where i go out

(As you can see my Diet is pretty messed up)

Now for my Workout
.Day 1 (Biceps only)
Seated Concentration Curl 3x12
Barbell Bicep Curl 3x12
Dumbbell Curl 3x12
Cable Curl 3x12
ABS Lower and Upper (Stop until unbearable pain)

.Day 2 (Chest)
Barbell Flat Bench press 3x12
Chest Incline Bench 3x12
Chest Decline Bench 3x12
Smith Machine Bench Press 3x12
ABS lower and upper

.Day 3 (Back)
Low Row 3x12
Upper Row 3x12
Lat Pulldown 3x12
Machine Pullover
ABS Upper and Lower

.Day 4 (Shoulders)
Standing Barbell Press 3x12
Machine Shoulder Press 3x12
Lateral Rise 3x12
Standing Dumbbell Shrug 3x12
ABS Upper and Lower

.Day 5 (Legs and Triceps)
T: Triceps Pushdown 3x12
T: Reverse-Grip cable extension 3x12
T:Cable French Press 3x12
L:Leg Press
L:Barbell Squat (smith machine) 3x12

Day 6 and 7 Rest

Guys please help me out with my Diet and Workout keeping in Mind i wanna Decrease my Fat Percent without loosing Physique




i hope you mean yourself dude -_-
seriously whats wrong with you man...i need help and this is how you offer it...


Meh. Maybe not a troll, but definitely someone with a lot to learn.

5% cannot be maintained indefinitely. That's more a goal for someone dieting for a photo shoot or contest. Put it out of your mind.

You only weigh 180. It's not even time for you to diet yet. If you want to build a decent amount of muscle, you need to bulk a lot more. If you want the amount of muscle Lundgren was sporting in the movie, you have a few years to go. Then you can spend 4 months dieting and get down to 8% or so.

I would suggest ditching the 3x12-for-everything Muscle and Fiction workout. Go heavy and get stronger. 1-5 reps for larger muscle groups, 6-10 for isolation work. Keep the poundages moving up.

Being as you're 6'2", you're prolly looking to weigh at least 240lbs (109kg) @15% before dieting. That will put you around 200-210 @8% fat. I know the basic math doesn't work out, but you lose muscle while dieting. Fact of life.


Crunches and curls brah, get that pumped and toned look


Ohh ok so this diverts me to some questions
1st. how do i gain so much weight without adding fat because im 180 pounds @11%...which is not good compared to 210 @8%
(And please don't tell me serious mass that thing is disgusting)
2nd. what do you mean 1-5 reps for larger and 6-10 for isolation do you have some kind of link to that?

Man thanks
(btw how do you know someone is trolling i mean this guy on top thought i was a troll what makes him say so?)


Pumped tone look...jizz hahaha :smiley:


It's because you're asking questions that are very easily answered by using the search button. There's even a sticky post on the subject directly at the top of this forum that you could read... yet you still want this easily attainable information spoon-fed to you. And all with terrible grammar and punctuation. How could we NOT think you are a troll?


Ohh so i see if i make some silly grammar mistakes i qualify as a troll...
As i said im not a hotshot on this forum i don't know everything....if you guys know well then show some sympathy and "KINDLY" say where they are located
All im looking for is some help but noooo...you have to be an ass about it...thanks


You don't. If you want to get that big, you're going to have to gain some fat along the way, and it's going to take a few years. The good news is that it will only take a few months to shed the fat.

I have no idea WTF you're talking about.

I could list half a million links backing up what I said, but it didn't come from just one source and you'd have to read for a few months to get through it all. In my experience through doing different programs and seeing what others have done, it works if you're trying to get bigger and stronger.

I'll give you an example from my log:
Bench Press
warmup - 135x5, 135x5, 165x5
work sets - 195x5, 215x5, 235x5
Hi Incline DB Press
70x5, 80x5, 90x4 <-- when I get to five, I increase the weight
Lo Incline Barbell Press
170x5, 190x5, 210x3 <-- again, when I hit five reps, the weight goes up

For triceps, biceps and shoulders, I do sets of eight instead of five. Same basic principal, though.

The reason 3x12 doesn't work so well is that you're lifting such a small percentage of your 1RM. Typically 12 reps = 70%. That's not enough of a load to convince your body to get stronger.

Asking the same questions that have been answered a million times without reading and looking for the answers on your own first. Getting it just wrong enough on so many ideas that it takes a long time to explain and nobody even knows where to start. Contradicting your own ideas and goals....

I've found that the best way to deal with trolls is to either ignore them (if they're obviously trying to be inflammatory) or answer the question seriously (that way anybody else who reads it will have the answer). Takes the fun out of trolling if you can't get anybody's goat. I don't think you're a troll, though. You've just been reading too many damn magazines.

The excitement of lifting should come from RESULTS, not from the program. I love looking back in my log and seeing the difference in weight from then and now. Every time I hit a PR, I celebrate a little on the inside (ok, usually on the inside), whether it's one pound or 25.

Use the rep scheme I posted without changing much else about your program (need more leg work, and don't do squats in the smith machine until you really know what you're doing). I guarantee you'll see your lift #'s improving quickly. Well, as long as you're willing to eat enough to support growth.


read the Beginners stickies and the "Prof X a Request" thread that is stickied in the bodybuilding forum.


You may not be a troll...but you sure want to look like one!


Your diet is atrocious and your workout sucks. Read the beginner stickies and you'll start to get some ideas as to why this is the case.

Less junk food, more protein, more vegetables, better fat sources. Your workouts need to be focused around a large, multi joint exercise that allows you to move large amounts of weight. Everything else should be considered assistance work. There is no way you need a bicep only day while devoting only half of a day to legs.

You are currently focusing on less significant shit and ignoring major movements and body parts.

If I was writting a basic program for a beginner it would look somthing like this

Day 1 - Legs
Seated quad extensions - 3x12
Barbell squat - 3x4-6
Step ups - 3x8-10
Hamstring Curl - 3x8-10
Leg Press - 2x15-20

Day 2 - Pushing
Overhead Press - 3x8-10
Bench Press (or incline) - 3x4-6
Close grip bench - 3x8-10
Chest press machine - 3x8-10
Tricep extension - 3x8-10

Day 3 - Pulling
Deadlift - 3x4-6
Pulldown - 3x8-10
Row - 3x8-10
One Arm Row - 3x8-10
Bicep Curl - 3x8-10

If you really want to lift five days a week, do something like

Monday - day 1
Tuesday - day 2
Wednesday - day 3
Thursday - off
Friday - day 1
Saturday - day 2
Sunday - off
Monday - day 3
Tuesday - day 1
Wednesday - day 2
Thursday - off



To be honest, your program looks worse than his. Too much quad, not enough ham, not nearly enough shoulders and arms. And it looks like you have absolutely no rhyme or reason for the order the lifts are in. Nothing wrong with a 5-day split as a beginner, either. Lots of really big guys have been using splits from the beginning.

I will agree about the leg and arm days, though. It would be best to combine triceps and biceps on the same day and work legs on their own.


Sure, his bicep day + shoulder specialization + two silly exercises for his entire leg development + cable only back routine looked AWESOME. Sure a beginner can do well with a 5 day split, if it makes sense and they actually follow it.


Don't get defensive. I already posted that he should have more leg work, and I agreed about the arm day.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a dedicated shoulder day, though. As a matter of fact, most lifters would benefit from it. Especially focusing on the middle and rear portions.

You need to be more specific when giving advice on leg movements. The routine you gave could be very easily performed as mostly quad-dominant if the lifter didn't know to keep things balanced. Could lead to knee problems later.

EDIT: nothing wrong with using cables for rowing, either. That's actually one of the things I miss about lifting at a 'real' gym. One of these days I'll spring for a fully-adjustable cable crossover system.



Here is a link for your training during the fat loss phase.


And for diet i recommend Chris Colucci's article called the green faces diet. Combine these two for 12 weeks and you should see some appreciatable results


ok thanks man
i saw this and i might start following it by the end of the week
ohh and this is serious mass


I might have forgot to mention...i play football 2 hours everyday...and i mean everyday so my legs are already developed thats why i don't do them in the gym or cardio as a matter of fact last time i checked 90% of the body builder can't run for 2 hours...can you?...exactly...
It the first time i've heard of such program...pull day, push day??


I have never heard of a single top-level athlete that uses isolation-only training. I've also never heard of one that uses compound-only training.

Use the big-money compound lifts for overall strength and mass. Then, isolate the muscles that don't get enough work or don't get hit from the angle you need. Keep track of your progress with pictures, and if you see an area that's starting to get behind in development, tweak your program to hit that area better.

Another big idea in program design is to keep your joints balanced. For every quad-dominant lift, you need one that's hamstring-dominant. For every pressing movement, you need at least one pulling or rowing movement. That will keep your shoulders and knees healthy. Elbows are a little trickier because triceps and biceps involvement in all those pressing and rowing movements can vary quite a bit.