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Cutting Fat, Building Muscles

I know it is not easy to cut fat while trying to build muscles as the latter requires you to be in a calorie surplus. However, if I just concentrate on cutting fat and doing both aerobics and weights, I tend to lose both fats and muscles…and my lifting suffers. I lift better when I “load on” eating a bit. Guess that’s not surprising, but then I also become fatter.

So, I was figuring that since losing fats primarily means burning your fat stores or using fats to fuel your energy…would it make sense to do stress on a volume workout, moderate to high intensity and say 3 times weekly plus aerobics (walking) on alternate days? Thank you for your time.

This should help you find what you seek.

Amazing article.

If you’re having issues losing muscle while dieting, try increasing your fat and protein intake and decreasing your carb intake. How many grams of each are you getting a day of F/C/P?

Thanks Guys, the article was good. I suppose training should be varied as certain bodyparts of mine cannot tolerate too heavy training…fiber types-kind-of-thing. Macronutrients on non-training days about (C/P/F) 40:40:20; training days 50:30:20