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Cutting Fat and Becoming Functional


Hey all,

I have been lifting heavily for about 8 years now. Started with prepping for football and going for straight up size and strength. Recently, I have decided that its time for me to start training for a smaller, more functional body and I am realizing that I do not have a whole lot of direction on that goal. I feel pretty good about my diet, I have dropped 15lbs so far in the last 3 months and I just think I need to find a training style to fit my needs.

I have had good results using a few programs on T-Nation, I am just not sure what I should be focusing on with these new goals. Does anyone have a program on T-Nation they might reccomend or something they have used in the past. I know I do not post much or at all, but I really value the advice on these forums.



eric cresseys, maximum strength. Its a great book, relatively cheap. Has a few chapters with some good basic info, a four month program usinf all functional movement. It will also give you an intro to things like foam rolling and mobility exercises. A great starting point. The program will not only help you towards your goal, but will also make it alot easier to understand how to put together a good program for yourself.
The goals are still largely going to be strength oriented, just with more of a focus on form than on moving the numbers up as fast as possible. You are working out to improve mobility, decrease the risk of injury, and just feeling all around more fit and comfortable with the tasks of your day to day life. To me, the big two are strength and mobility. As long as you are focusing on not losing to much of one (particularly mobility) to get better at the other one, youll like the results you get.



this is what i write up and do everyday...


Your log is impressive. How much time do you spend training per session/day?


Well, it really depends on the session, but most take me right around an hour.

That is not counting 1/2-1 hour rucking every morning and then fight classes most nights...