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Cutting Excess Water


I am trying to lose the excess water that I have in my body. But I have never tried to lose water before. I was told to not eat as much carbs and to stay away from salty foods. Is there anything else I should do? Any feedback would be really appreciated. thanks


You also need to have decent muscle to begin with before you cut water and since you're posting on the begginers thread i'm guessing you may need to gain muscle...but i could be wrong...so how bout maybe postin up a pic


Here are a couple of pics that I took about a month and a half ago. I would say that I have a decent amount of muscle. The reason I want to cut water is because I was told that I carry a lot and would look somewhat leaner if lost the water that I was carrying.


the back


Most of the water in your body is intracellular or inside of your bodies cells. You can't realy loose it without reducing the size of your cells, muscle included. Maybee try shifting your body composition by building some muscle. There are some good programs for this in the archives, and new ones appearing frequently.
Good luck.


Bro, sorry to say this but it doesn't look like water is the problem. If you want to look leaner you just gotta do the hard yards and cut down the body-fat %. I have a female friend that competes in bodybuilding comps and she constantly blames her conditioning on 'water retention'. The truth is that if you have dialled in your diet correctly then you will look lean. Period.

Sort the diet out and every thing else will follow.

Hope that helps. Good luck.


I dont get what you mean by build muscle? I have been lifting for around five months straight. I am going to try the Waterbury method next month also. Those pictures are from around a month and a half ago, and ive lost about 8-10 pounds since. I could still stand to lost another ten pounds maybe. I have been drinking a good amount of water, around 120-150 oz. a day, I think losing some water would make me look somewhat leaner and I could alos assess how much more fat I should lose.


What he said.


5 whole months? Surely not. I thought that if someone lifted for 5 months they'd look like Ronnie Coleman...

Not to be a dick, but just keep working out. 5 months is nothing... being very lean and having good amount of muscle is something that takes most people at least a few years to accomplish. Just keep doing what you're doing. If you're still gaining muscle and losing fat, you're on the right track.


youre not a dick, I should of been clear, I have been lifting for about 3 years but took some time off and have been going steady for 5 months. Anybody have advice on how to lose the excess water? Maybe I should of posted this somewhere else


It doesn't look to me like you're holding overmuch water or more than anyone else. Beyond drinking plenty of water, eating lots of leafy greens and potassium rich food, and watching the salt, there's really not anything anyone can or should do to affect their water retention as a matter of daily life. Pre-competition techniques are not healthy or appropriate except for the short time leading up to competition.

If you're drinking a lot of water, eating potassium rich foods, and watching the salt, there's nothing more you should be doing. The only thing to do to improve appearance would be to get leaner. A leaning out phase before continued bulking (if that's the plan) may or may not be in order. You'll have to make that decision.


With all do respect, I have to agree and conclude with the other responses that your problem is not water retention actually in most cases it's not anyone elses problem either. While you are by no means obease your definition problem comes from bodyfat and your level of developement (No I am not insulting you!) you have obviously been workingout but like many others you would not be doing yourself justice by worrying about cuts right now unless you are happy with just being fit and lean?

You will hamper your progress by trying to eliminate water and may even harm your self with out proper guidance, and you would see that if you cut to the point of seeing your abs you will be considerably smaller at your level of developement than you may realize if that is fine tighten up on the quality of your diet and go for it. Since i don't really know what your perception of how you look is just cleaning up your diet may help only you and the mirror can judge that but definately get the water retention thing out of your focus.


I also agree with the above posts...your problem lies not in water retention but a high fat percentage. Perhaps alter your diet and introduce more cardio into your workout, even if it's only walking to work and back or something light. Also i would say that you need to pack on a helluva lot more muscle before you think about cutting up.

What does your current routine look like?

Also, if those marks on your arms are stretch marks, then you might want to take action in preventing more, like drinking plenty of water, and taking vitamin E, or better yet, rub vitamin E oil onto the effected areas.


Just a little bit off topic here...it annoys me when guys only concentrate on abs and neglect more important parts...i mean what looks better: a guy who's pumped all over, or some skin bag who has a slightly better looking stomach (although it will look thinner and weaker due to the rest of his body being shit) but the rest of him sucks ass?


lose weight


  • gain muscle.

basically just lift some weights and eat right.
There's no unfortunate genetic disposition you have to holding 'excess water'.
whoever told you that is full of shit.
Watery shit.




Same here bro Sorry it aint water and being Hydrated is CRUCIAL to health and gaining muscle. Only if you were going on stage then you MAY want to turn to diuretics, for VERY SHORT times.

You can get ripped and have proper hydration. One great way to shed excess water is to actually consume more water. Weird but t works the body will let it go if it knows it will be bgetting excess.

Hope that helps,


Actually, water retention can make a noticeable difference.

I know I retain water; I've seen myself on days when I don't. Muscle definition is much more prominent, and I'm constantly running to the bathroom. On days when I am retaining water, my socks leave lines on my legs, my feet and fingers are puffy, and muscle definition fades. It happens quite frequently, and it's a difficult thing to conquer, but it's not all in my head.

Also, I doubt it has much to do with being female either, since in my case, water retention is very sporatic.

So it could very well be that you are retaining water. A clean diet can help, but if you are already eating clean, like I am, then it's a mysterious condition.


okay, well this was a pointless thread. I don't know if you guys are impatient to read my posts. Those pictures are the most recent ones I have, they are from 1 AND A HALF MONTHS AGO, since then I have dropped 10 lbs. I never mentioned have a genetic dispositiong to gaining excess water. Someone mentioned it and I thought it would be a good idea to see how much leaner I look after getting rid of some excess water.

To the retard who posted lose weight, wow thanks that statement is full of so much information. And gain muscle? the pictures could be crappy but I have a significant more muscle then most people I see my age. Anyway this is a good site, but I think these discussion boards are pointless, I'll just go look somewhere else and just read the articles.