Cutting. Easy Lunch Options for College Kid on Budget?

I’m a college kid on a budget trying to cut. I eat in my car and don’t have access to a microwave to heat left overs. I need a list of options for lunch if there are any. All I have on my list so far is salad.

Bulk up so you can take your lunch by force from weaker students with soup, sandwiches and trendy ethnic food.


meat, vegetables and rice prepared at home and eaten cold out of tupperware


Its definitely not a warm home cooked meal but its the best option if you want to hit your goal. Load up on Tabasco sauce and you’re good to go. I would ditch the salad too.

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Salad with hard boiled eggs. Salad with canned tuna. Salad with cold chicken breast that you bought by the sack at $15 for 20 pounds and cooked in bulk a few days ago.

My favorite budget cutting foods:

Canned Tuna
Ground Turkey
Frozen Chicken Breast
Frozen Fish (Swai etc)


Peanut Butter
Olive Oil

To get the most of your money, go to a budget grocery (like Aldi) or big box store (Sam’s club), and stock up. If you’re willing to cook and prepare your own food, it can be done pretty inexpensively. I buy some higher dollar items (avocado, grass fed beef), and keep my weekly grocery budget at/below $60.

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8 hard boiled eggs done and done

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only thing that pisses me off is the peeling…:rage:

Peeling is part of prep… boil a dozen, let them cool to lukewarm, and then peel those bastards under cold tap water. 1 dozen = two minutes.

nice. yeh it seems if I dont get that thin membrane I end up mauling the entire process…

peeling takes ten seconds. Do the creepy rolling it on the table thing Robert De Niro does in Angelheart

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Peeling? Plebs…

Make sure it’s hard boiled.

oh shit thats cool
Thank you

Bring the water to a boil before adding the eggs. It has something to do with shocking that membrane and not letting it attach to the egg inside. I’ve never had a problem peeling after I started doing that.


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aha! Going to try that, thanks Chris!

Thanks Chris.
This worked amazing.

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I think about that almost every time I peel an egg.

haha, yeah, I do the exact same thing