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Cutting During Track Season


Well track start in mid-February. I'm running 400s this year and might look into throwing but I've never done shot/disc before. Anyway, I'm at 180 lbs. During track I doubt I'll be able to gain any weight. I was thinking to use track as a time to cut down some since I'll be running and lifting. What do you guys think about it? Should I try, in possible futility, to try to gain weight through track or should I cut down, having an opportunity after track to rebound from the cut and make some better weight gains?




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So you think I should keep trying to gain weight through track?


Yes, you have very little muscle to cut down to. Besides cutting would probably make you slower/ weaker for track. Think about how much it would suck to recover form track and lifting all while on a caloric deficit.


Yup, you're not going to get fat training for the 400.


That's true. I'll see how much I gain gain through it though. I'd like to get up to 200.