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Cutting Down to 180


April 27, 2017

Hi everyone. My name is Bee. I currently don’t have a gym membership but that’s okay. I got two 20-pound kettlebells with me and I use them to train my entire body. I’m currently on a calorie-restricted diet, eating only 2 meals a day plus some tasty beverages like coconut water, fruit juice, or soda. Those beverages are what keeps me sane.

Anyway… In this log, I will be documenting my workouts and my diet. The goal right now is to hit an all-time low of 180 pounds. My current bodyweight is 215. I’m 5 feet 6 inches tall with very high bodyfat. Below are my all time best lifts…

Clean and Jerk, 205 pounds (bodyweight: 190)

Squat, 405 pounds (bodyweight 230. ATG with a pause at the bottom)

That’s all I care to list…

Anyway, tomorrow, I’ll do my workout. It’ll be the second week of me with my kettlebell workout program. I focus on low-volume, high-frequency training. It’s totally kicking my ass and I love it. I’m also incredibly weak right now. I could barely manage 3 sets of 10 with kettlebell front squats. But anyway, I’ll do my best…