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Cutting Down - Lifting Program?


I’ve been working out for 4 years (lost 30kg first year, gained most of it back), have a good muscle tissue but the main issue now it to cut down some fat. (am 149cm, 87kg)

I have a goal to loose 9kg before january 1st and i’ve been working on my diet for two weeks now… here’s what i’m eating

Breakfast - Protein shake - 250ml milk, 1 scoop whey
Around 10 - 2 slices burger sesame - with a little butter and sometimes juice 1 glass or water
Lunch - 120gr protein (chicken or lamb), 150gr vegetables - water or juice
Around 3 - 2 slices burger sesame (same as above) or protein shake
Dinner - 120gr protein (chicken or lamb), 150gr vegetables - water or juice
Evening - Protein shake before bed (same as breakfast)

water intake during day - 1/2 - 3 liters per day, with lemonjuice in it.

Have been eating this for about 2 weeks, and have lost about 2kg

Am starting to go to the gym after a 3 week vacation. Have a goal of 9 weeks of training, about 3 times per week. Usually train in the evening between 17 and 19.

Have been lifting 12-15, sometimes upto 20 reps, 2-3 sets.
Any ideas how i should be lifting during this 9 week period?

now i do have very different views on nutrition but IMO that diet is absolute trash. you should eat a diet you can maintain forever not just for short period of time.

as for lifting, if you want to stay at the high rep stuff look into crossfit or gymjones for routines. otherwise increase the weight dramatically. try like a 5x5 with minimal rest. maybe do it in a PHA style. which is like a circuit where you do 2-4 exercises that are a an upper body and lower body, not antagonist/protagonist grouping.

for example, you can do squats with dips, overhead with deadlifts, glute ham raise with pullovers, etc.