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Cutting Diet

Its getting close to that time that I must start cutting.
I have gone from 180lb to 215lb at 6ft. I feel like I have gained quite a bit of fat during this bulking.
I have found a good article for the weight training. But can’t seem to find an article on the diet, like the macronutrients break down and supplements and stuff.
If you guys know of one or two and let me know, it will be greatly appreciated…

Bro… do a search on here or on google and find stuff by John Berardi, he’s got tons of articles about nutrition and macronutrients. He’s got an article with a diet he did called the “Get Shredded Diet” but before I would do that try looking for something a little less harsh on your body like a diet that would allow you more kcals. If I’m wrong somebody correct me. thanks

Same 4 me trying to cut from a super fat 269 to 200. Getting back in saddle after injury.


T-Dawg 2.0 is a very solid diet ( and article)
its effective easy to follow and transitions well into any goal and lifestyle.