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Cutting Diet with Intermittent Fasting


Starting stats = 196lbs, 24% bodyfat (dubious due to tanita measurement), 5'9

Determined by Romaniellos formula in this link:
However I went for 14 calories per lb LBM vs. 13 for two reasons:
1. Not sure how much I trust my tanita
2. Calories were obscenely low - some 1600 roughly on non training days and not ideal as I want to cut a lot of fat off in an extended 12 week cut.
3. Too low calories mean I cannot lower them further!

Protein - 1g per lb LBM minimum from complete sources and then anything extra (nuts, pulses, etc.) is bonus on top.
Fat - not counted as I just count calories and protein for simplicities sake. I ensure I eat foods that are rich in quality fats and relatively low in carbs (at present).
Carbs - not counted as with fats but carbs are only coming from things like nuts, green veggies, etc. at present.

Workout nutrition is a P+C shake similar to Surge recovery which is taken before/during training and comes to around 300 cals.

I am also using intermittent fasting.

Example day for training (remove workout + shake on non training day):

8:00 - wake up and 10g BCAA
11:00 - 10g BCAA
13:00-14:00 - meal 1
15:00-16:00 - training + workout shake
17:00-18:00 - meal 2
21:00-22:00 - meal 3
23:30 - bed

Meals 1-3 at present are shakes only as I haven't eaten a structured diet in a long time.
Chocolate protein blend (egg/milk/whey), almond flour, cinnamon and water. Taken with fish oils (roughly 1g per % bodyfat).

After 1-2 weeks I will be slowly swapping the shakes for solid meals.

Progression will be done by:
- Adding NEPA walks
- Extending NEPA walk duration
- Adding weight to NEPA walks
- Adding thermogenics such as HOT-ROX Extreme
- Cutting calories further (last resort and would only be done for 1-2 weeks at end if fat loss stalls. No lower then 1600 calories on non training days.

Training is 3x a week. Emphasis on strength progression with a conditioning block at the end.

Does anyone have any criticism on this? I have taken before pictures but not putting them up anywhere yet.


A 12 week diet is not "extended" by any means.


I dunno, the formula might be right. If you're pretty fat like the tanita says, then I probably would recommend around 1600 cal a day... if you were sedentary. More when you're training.

You're going to have to make adjustments to the diet no matter what. If this is your first time really trying to count calories, then let it run a week or two, evaluate, and then change as needed.


Is it possible to sticky this response so it immediately shows up in any and all "review my diet" threads?


In the past I've run diets in the region of 4-8 weeks at most. University life however hasn't done the best for my body hence a comparatively long cut. It's all relative.


1600 calories would undoubtedly pull weight off pretty quickly however I would rather start off higher with a value at which weight is still dropping off and then drop calories later as needed.

I'm giving myself room to expand into.

I would much rather never drop below 1600ish - really damn low! Plus that kind of low would leave me wrecked for work.

But aye I know adjustments will have to be made - again which is why I've given myself room for adjusting calories both ways and also listed several proposed methods of progressing the deficit.

It's not my first time counting calories - I just haven't done it in a good year or so.

EDIT: Dropped over 3kg this week so far... mostly glycogen/water I imagine.


I've experimented with intermittent fasting for 3 months.

Here are some observations based on my experience. I shoot for about 2000 cals per day. (started at 6'0", 263 lbs. I'm down to 240. I'm still a fat ass, but very happy with the progress.)

1) Having control of your calories is more important than any workout (old adage -- you can't out train your diet).

2) It took about 7-12 days for my body to get over cravings for food at what used to be my regular meal times (breakfast and lunch). After that -- I've found it surprisingly easy to go without calories until well into the afternoon -- on rest days. That still surprises me -- I used to be the type that simply could not skip a meal. I can also do that on training days (the work out usually blunts my appetite) -- but I choose to eat after workouts.

3) It is damn convenient. Not having to always worry about my next snack.

4) I feel very satiated after a "full" meal. Food tastes damn good, when you are really hungry.

5) It worked well for me for the first 3 months -- but has since stalled. I have held still at roughly the same weight for about 4 weeks now. I don't consider that to be without value. It suggests (but does not prove) that I'll be able to maintain a particular weight eating this way. I suspect I need to reduce my calories more, or add more NEPA. The real problem is probably carb-cycling days on the weekend. I tend to go overboard, and smash the 2000 cal limit.

6) For better or worse, I drink more caffeinated beverages. 2 cups coffee is now my "breakfast." Tea and diet sodas throughout the day.

7) I've made reasonable strength gains throughout. 225lbs for reps(5) on the bench, 300 for reps on the dead lift, and 275 squat for reps. Won't win any power lifting competition with these weights, but considering where I started -- I'm stoked.

Good luck.