Cutting Diet While on T & Tren

Hey bro’s, let me start by saying I’m taking 100mg of test prop and 100mg of tren eod running that for 12 weeks. I have letz and albuterol. I’m 6’1 225 Age 23 and BF around 16%. This is my first true cutting cycle, so i am new at cutting, but i figured my diet was good enough to start dropping pounds check it out…

Meal 1
6-8 egg whites
any veg i have sitting in the fridge
1 slice of lean turkey
1 slice low fat cheese
I end up making an omlet that tastes pretty decent.

Meal 2
1/2 lb lean ground beef
1 cup of spinich
2 egg whites
I end up just cooking that and eating it for a quick fix

Meal 3 protein shake

Meal 4
1 can tuna
1 bowl of spinich leaves
1 tbl spoon of dressing
Just a quick salad

Meal 5 protein shake

Meal 6
1 7 oz steak
1 serv of fresh veg
and then i’ll grab a salad with spinch leaves and almonds

It’s not the best diet i know that, but considering what i was eating prior its very clean i drink no less then 8 glasses of water a day. The scale isn’t budging.

My workouts are intense my strength is through the roof.Attatched is a video last week of benching 315 8x 1st rep was 10… I believe i do look leaner, and i know you shouldn’t judge what the scales says but im going on three weeks and my weight is going from 222-225

Cardio wise I try to run at least one mile with every work out even if its not a cardio day. I’ll even hit the gym twice on my heavy lifting days just to get some cardio and ab work in. I love working out, it’s my passion, and i always get stares in the gym so Im not some fat slob I just want to get leaner any advice out there??

You wrote it’s not the best diet but every food choice you wrote is good! It’s fine most of your meals are pro + fat meals, but you have no fruits or starchy carbs for the entire day. You don’t write of peri-workout nutrition either.

You haven’t listed your schedule in full. That matters.

And you haven’t stated whether you simply want to get down to a reasonable, livable bodyfat percentage like 10 to 15 percent, or whether you want to get cut to ribbons at 5 to 7 percent. Getting down to 10 to 12 percent can simply be done with a lifestyle diet and a lot of physical activity. Getting under 10 percent is a different ball game. What do you want?

I’ve never used roids but have a lot of knowledge on them. I really think it’s unwise for someone with limited nutrition knowledge to even use them. Why not gain this knowledge FIRST so that you can get the biggest return on investment from an ergogenic aid when you start using it?

315 for eight in the bench for a 23 year old is great. But back to the roids thing. If you have no aspirations or capability of COMPETING at a high level coming out of the gate (obviously which you’re not), why burn yourself out with ergogenic aids when you can make more progress naturally and THEN start using aids later on? This is just a question of curiosity. I don’t tell people what to do.

Inject EVERY day with the drugs you are using prop and tren ace halflifes are too short to inject EOD and keep the levels stable.

I know that shooting ed is probably the best but the half life isn’t it 72 hours? just ed pins would be a pain literaly

Your welcome to do as you like, just know the gains are better shooting ED.

the half lives for those drugs ARE NOT 72 hours. It is best shot ed, EOD will have the downsides mentioned afore, fluctuations in your blood. That is why for someone like you and me enenthate and cypionate are much better.

Acetate is closer to 30 hours, if not less. Shoot it every day. And since you need to do ED shots with the tren do the same for the prop. Many people notice more side effects from fluctuating levels than they do from total amount used (to an extent of course and not counting orals in there)

use a slin pin and the ed injects become much more bearable.