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Cutting Diet: Use Casein or Whey?


On a Cutting Diet which Protein would yield the best results between Casein and Whey

Comparing Calories Sodium Protein (per scoop)

Whey 120 60mg 24g
Casein 110 230mg 24g

Im currently using Whey , Fast acting protein and compliment with greens ( celery carrots ) throughout the day

Casein, slow acting ideal for pre-sleep, but how about during the day???

Iâ??m in a calorie deficit regimen under 2000 kcal a day and very hungry dropping fat %

Any tips??


casein may help you feel fuller for longer, but your results will be the same if you choose whey or casein. Are you just drinking protein shakes or are you having some solid meals in there as well?


Use whey peri/post workout and a combination casein/whey rest of the day.


3 solid meals

30 gr prot 30 gr complex carbs 5 gr fat
+ whey shake

after workout - late lunch
50 gr prot 50 gr carbs 10 g fat
+ Surge Recovery

50 -60 grs prot 10 or less gr complex carbs ( greens ) 30 grs fat

in between
5 or 6 whey shakes and green snacks and nuts


Even with fats, whey digests too fat for me and I feel hungry after like an hour. A blend of casein/whey such as milk protein isolate or calcium casinate seems to work best during cutting.


Even though shakes are easy, you should get a large percentage of your protein grams from non-milk food sources, IMO.

If you do choose to use protein powders as some of your food sources for protein throughout the day (non-workout nutrition), casein is going to keep you fuller longer. It's digested much more slowly than whey and has been shown to keep you in an anabolic state for longer http://ajpendo.physiology.org/cgi/content/abstract/280/2/E340