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Cutting Diet/Routine Critique

Hey there, looking to perfect my diet and get opinions on my routine.

Stats go as:
21 years old
6ft 1in, 243.5lbs, 26% body fat, 179LBM, 65lb fat
Weight mainly in stomache region, lightly on legs, unusually lean everywhere else.
Goals are to drop to about 200-215lbs, and begin a clean bulk
Been half ass training for the last year, looking to get serious about it.
Following diet and routine started today.

1.Barbell Squats, 5 sets 5 reps each set
2.Bench Press, 5 sets 5 reps each set
3.Deadlifts, 5 sets 5 reps each set
4.Overhead Press, 5 sets 5 reps each set
5.Pendlay Rows, 5 sets 5 reps each set

Starting out with a simple, TBW, short rest between sets(20 seconds).
Weight Training is every other day, ie Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, Tue, ect

Cardio is done 2x on non workout days, AM(MIT steady state,30 min) and PM(HIIT, 30 min), and once on workout days, AM, MIT Steady State(30min). Attempting to arrange cardio 2 hours after eating(PM), and AM is fasted. I know fasted is considered sub-optimal by many, but for my schedule(which varys wildly) it works out best. Taking a day off everything once a week.


27G Fish Oil(one G per body fat percentage)

EC Y/A stack, 3x daily.

  • ECY (30mg, 200mg, 12mg)AM Fasted
  • ECA(30mg, 200mg, 81mg)Mid day
  • ECY(30mg, 200mg, 12mg)PM 2hr after food

Set up like this to avoid blunting the Yohimbines effectiveness.

I used the Katch Mcardle formula to determine my BMR.
Sedentary activity(FT Sales Associate at local electronics store, usually consistent clientele’ so I manage to keep walking around most of the shift, a few hours standing/reading. When not working, running errands or lounging)

BMR + Sedentary is 2552.
I estimate on workout days, my weightlifting session burns around 300 kcal, cardio about 300kcal. Non Workout days, 300Kcal AM Fasted, 300-500 HIIT PM.
So with 500kcal diet deficit + 600-800kcal training/cardio deficit, daily calories range between 2152-2352.

P/C/F ratio im aiming for is 45/35/20. Considering where my weight is concentrated(more endomorph, light mesomorph, and moderately difficulty in losing weight, I think a lower carb approach is more appropriate, and Im considering a CKD or ketogenic approach if this diet doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Breads are whole wheat, nothing enriched, ect.
Blends are various vegetable blends, mostly onions, peppers, ect
Each is one serving unless specified ie. x4
Light MW/Sour Cream per serving only has 20cal, salsa even less.
Last Carb meal is 7pm.

7:00 Wakeup ECY

7:30 Cardio

Chicken x2
Sweet Potato x.5
2 tbsp salsa
9G Omega/CLA

11:00 ECA

Light Miracle Whip
Bread x 2

Chicken x 2
Bread x 2
Light Sour Cream/Miracle Whip
9G Omega/CLA

Midday Shake3: GNC wheybolic extreme 60 (half serving)

3:30 Cardio ECY

Miracle Whip
Bread x 2

Chicken x2
Southwest Blend
9G Omega/CLA

Egg White x 4
Southwest Blend
2 tbsp salsa

11pm Bedtime
Casein Shake

I know there are some obvious flaws with the diet, and thats what I feel I especially need help fine tuning.

  • I know corn is sub-optimal because its borderline considered a starchy veg. Wondering what I could substitute that would work with the meal, as its an excellent carb source.
    -Yes, 3 sandwhiches in a row gets old, really fast. Again, any ideas to replace perhaps a tuna sandwhich would be greatly appreciated.
  • I know carbs should be cut probably by 5PM at least, but what complex carbs could I add to the other meals to compensate? What veg could I add to the last two to keep the carbs low/fibrous?
    -Budget is, unfortunately, an issue, and ive only 180-200 to expend towards my diet, not including the shakes.

So far, this is the training/diet ive come up with, and decided to see how the results were at the end of march. I figured before I embarked on it, I could get some feedback and patch up any weak spots to ensure optimal performance.

Thank you for your feedback.