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Cutting Diet, Refined Physique Transformation


I stumbled on this CT article from a couple years ago and started using the method on Friday.


Christian, do you still recommend using this method for fat loss?


Diet-wise, yes, it is a good starting point. But everything still needs to be adjusted depending on how your body is reacting.


Definitely will take that into account. I am 195 lbs and about 20-25% BF right now, so I'm starting at 30g carbs per day (usually oats or quinoa) and roughly 145 on the 14th day. I'll make adjustments up or down depending on how this week goes. Thanks man.


If you're going to eat starchy carbs, I would probably ditch any nuts, avocados, sugar free gum, and especially dairy. The incidental carbs will add up. This means you're either only going to be able to eat fats from animals and healthy oils....just a heads up...


Yep pretty much. TY.


Would organic extra virgin olive oil count as a "good fat" in this scenario?


Update: since beginning this diet a week or so ago, the mirror reveals a change. So far, so good. A million thanks for this article, CT. This is a diet I can stick with for sure.


evo, fish oil, flax, coconut oil, mct, etc...