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Cutting / Diet Questions

Ok I am currently on a bulking cycle, I weigh about 210 pounds and am a little pudgy roughly 14 - 15 % body fat. Next week I will start a cutting cycle using winstrol, test prop and I have access to clenbuterol for super cheap as well.

I want to lose body fat because I will be going to the tropics next month. Im going to go on a low carb diet. I am wondering how much carbs would be good for me to eat?? I don’t want to lose any muscle just body fat (hopefully the winstrol should facilitate this). Allso would it be beneficial to use the clen as well???

Any information you could give me would be great. This will be my first cutting cycle.

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I would go on a 5 day 30%protien, 70%fat, no carbs… followed by two days of carb load every two hours for the weekend. I would do this at your maintenance calorie level in order to maximize the muscle you maintain.

Clen is dangerous,dont use it for longer than two weeks. Watch the dosage.

The problem is it is impossible for me to go no carbs because I am in China and I don’t have access to good quality protein, all the protein I have is soy based and it all has some carbs in it. I allso don’t have access to lots of the same foods, like Cheeese. I figure the lowest I can get my carbs is about 50 - 75 grams a day.

Any suggestions based on this information?