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Cutting Diet Plan?

Hey guys!
I’m quite new here, and although I have a rough idea of what I should be eating to lose the fat, I’d really appreciate it if a few of you could give me a basic meal plan to follow. I’m on holiday in a hotel so it’s not as simple to eat what I should like at home and also means I’ll only be able to eat 3 or 4 meals per day as opposed to 4 or 6 as usual…

The breakfast and dinner meals are buffets so I can pick and choose what I want; I’ve generally been eating egg whites, grilled tomatoes, baked beans and plain yogurt with nuts and seeds for brekkie and as a rule just having some type of meat with veggies for dinner. Does this sound about right? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

You seem to have more or less the right idea, however I’d lose the baked beans if I were you because they’re full of sugar and sodium.

If you want to be really strict, make sure you stay away from higher GI vegetables as well like peas and carrots. When you’re cutting, or pretty much whenever actually, broccoli is king.

Another thing is to make sure that you’re getting enough mono and poly fats. Put a decent amount of olive oil on those veggies. If you don’t eat enough healthy fats it will be difficult to lose fat.

By the way, what are your stats now and what are your goals? This will help people to give you more specific advice.

Yup like the above said look like your doing well. go for good whole foods dont ignore the healthy fats stay away from Higher GI/II carbs except post w/o

Maybe take a look at the 7 Habits Article and Foods that make you look good Nekid artilce.