Cutting Diet - Looking for some Feedback

This is my first time posting after being a long time reader. Currently I’m sitting around 15%-17% body fat and I have started a true cutting program trying to get as low as possible. I am 5’9 and I weigh in at 185lb full of water. Since I’m not worried about looking shredded I’ve continued to drink about 2 gallons of water a day. My current diet looks something like this -

4oz of free range chicken
1 hard boiled omega-3 free range egg
1 scoop whey/egg protein blend
1 pro-biotic
1 Fucothin
2 Fiber tablets
5ml Fish oil

365 Calories 53g Protein 9g Carbs

I eat “breakfast” 4 times a day. And Fucothin is a natural seaweed extract thermogenic. I’m taking it to try and help my metabolism as much I can without taking some freaky supplements.

2 scoops Controlled Labs Purple Lab (EEAC and BCAA)

0 Calories 0 Protein 0 Carbs

2 scoops MHP Dark Matter

240 Calories 12g Protein

2 scoops casein
2 fiber tablets

265 Calories 48g Protein 13g Carbs

I eat all my meals 2-3 hours apart and I’m drinking around 2 gallons of water a day.

Add it up and you’re looking at 1965 Calories 272g Protein 61g Carbs (48g of that being post-workout)

My current workout scheme is basically nothing special. I don’t change weight but instead measure my progression by getting as close as I can to completing all my sets with perfect form, tempo, and of course the full amount of reps.

Day 1 - Arms

Barbell Curl 4x12 55lb
One Arm Preacher Curl 4x12 30lb
Hammer Curl 4x12 20lb
Body weight Dips 4x12
Close Grip Bench 4x12 115lb
Tricep Extension [rope attachment] 4x12 60lb

Day 2 - Forearms/Calves

Captains of Crush #1 Gripper 4x10
Straight Bar Reverse Curl 4x12 55lb
Straight Bar Wrist Curl 4x12 75lb
Barbell Calf Raise 4x12 225lb
Barbell Calf Raise [feet inverted] 4x12 225lb
Barbell Calf Raise [feet extroverted] 4x12 225lb

Day 3 - Chest/Back

Chest Press Machine 4x12 165lb
Incline Chest Press Machine 4x12 135lb
Decline Dumbbell Flys 4x12 20lb
Pull Ups (all the way down/up) 4x10
T-Bar Row 4x12 90lb
Dumbbell Row 4x12 50lb

Day 4 - Shoulder/Traps

Cleans [barbell from hanging up to chin] 3x12 85lb
Arnold Press 3x12 30lb
Side Delt Raise 3x12 15lb
Front Delt Raise 3x12 20lb
Dumbbell Shrug 4x12 90lb
Overhead Shrug [performed w/ a squat machine] 4x12 140lb
Dumbbell Shrug 4x12 85lb

Day 5 - Legs

Squat 5x5 225lb
Deadlift 5x5 225lb

I just completed this cycle for the first time yesterday and it definitely needs some tweaking. It will take a couple time before I am definitely maximizing every workout. My chief concern however is my legs. I enjoy compound movements for legs so I stuck with the big lifts and I figure lifting heav[y][ier] will help retain some of the little muscle I possess (which is all on my legs, namely my calves) and there is just the fact that squatting for high reps is hell. But I want to stick with squat because I suck at it. I suck at a lot of the things I’m doing.

My tempo through out all my exercises is as fast a concentric motion as possible and a nice easy eccentric motion, usually around 2 good seconds. My rest period is 1 minute between reps and 2 minutes between exercises with the exception of legs where I have 2 minutes between sets and 4 between exercises.

Any feedback at all is greatly appriciated. I’m always learning but I figure I’ll learn a little more if I ask to be taught.

I will be posting more on my progress as the days go on. I end my diet on September 22. I do not plan however on keeping a log because I see it as being tedious but I will make sure I post some relatively correct numbers ASAP.

How long do these workouts usually take?
I would only suggest substituting the machine bench for freeweights, and maybe adding another day of deads, perhaps at the beggining of your forearm day?

I would add 500 kcals to your training days compared to non training days. Also, only 12g of protein in your post workout nutrition, I would think about adding some more protein, or switching to Surge.

I would cut back back on protein and add a significant amount more fat than what you are getting. I’d eat some veggies too.

My workouts usually take 40-50 minutes. Would you say to toss in more deads just to kick up the volume/intensity and hit my legs a little more? Just looking for some insight. And as for my postworkout drink I think you’re right. It’s supposed to “stimulate” protein synthesis of whats comparable to about 40g but as soon as I finish this tub I am planning on making my own mix of protein and dextrose that will fall around the same calorie count but have more protein.

I get 7g of fat with every whole egg and of course with the fish oil. What kind of options do I have that would be low calorie? I’d like to stay away from peanut butter.

I think you are getting too much protein if you are trying to cut fat, with so little carbs. I would down the protein and up the fat.

You are probably close to 55%pro/10%cho/35%fat.

I would make it closer to 40%pro/10%cho/50%fat, but you can play around with it. You should at least be getting in at least equal % fat and protein if you are cutting carbs.

You would still get your 1g/lb bw protein, without your body getting used to breaking down protein i.e. muscles for energy. I’d eat more fat if you want to burn fat.

I’d trade those scoops of whey for some veggies w/ some olive oil or maybe a piece of full fat cheese. You can also cook your chicken in coconut oil.

[quote]Curran wrote:
toss in more deads just to kick up the volume/intensity and hit my legs a little more[/quote]

exactly what i was getting at

I think the coconut oil is something that’s right up my alley I’ll definitely check that out when I do my shopping.