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Cutting Diet for Rowing Season

Hey I’m not sure if this is an ok place to post this but I figured guys in the combat forums would have good ideas on cutting weight…

I’m a college lightweight rower 6’1" about 168 lbs now, I’ve been carb cycling the past few weeks and been seeing great results–trying to get down to about 163-165 lbs before the season begins at the end of the month and then maintaining that weight.

For racing season I’ll be cutting anywhere from 8-10 lbs a week, which I’ve done in the past so I’m not too worried about making weight I just really want to refine how I cut. Last year I would feel very weak towards the end of the week.

Through reading lots of different articles and forums on websites like these I know that increasing my Water intake during the week helps (2+ gallons a day the week of weighing in)

Typically I’d weigh in Friday afternoon for a race on Saturday morning/afternoon so I would be taking in 2+ gallons of water Sunday through Wednesday, maybe 1 gallon on Thursday and then nothing Friday until I weigh in. also sodium intake would be high early in the week and then absolutely none by the end of the week.

My question is how should I be eating during this week to maintain enough energy and cut without hurting my performance on Race day… Right now my diet looks like this, ranging from 2200-3000 calories a day

High Carb Days: 180-200 grams protein, 330-500 grams carbs, fat less than 20 grams
Moderate Days: 200 grams protein, 140-200 grams carbs, 40-60 grams of fat
Low Days: 200 grams protein, 90 carbs, 40-70 grams of fat

I do 3 high carb days 3 moderate carbs days a week (alternating) and 1 low carb day on Sunday. Should I continue to carb cycle during the season when I cut every week? or how should i modify my diet?

lots of questions here i know but anything to help would be great

thanks a lot