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Cutting Diet Critque


hi all im about to embark on my first cut cycle, ive been overweight for the majority of my life (20 yrs old), ever since hitting the weights ive progressively been able to add alot of muscle to my frame however i still have the flab, i want too lose this flab although it may be to late to be cut for summer(live in aus) im hoping i can remain lean year round once achieving a body fat level of around 10-12%

my body stats are currently

20 years old, male, 6'2, my body fat would probably be honestly around 20%, i will post a picture soonish, i weigh anywhere between 102-106kg,(currently on creatine so put on a couple kilo's in water weight

lifting stats - bench 110kg(dont really bench that often because it hurts my shoulders, i've had rotator cuff issues this year)

deadlift - 170kg, im hoping to hit 200kg before 2008, its gone from 130 kg at the start of the year, so im happy with this

squat - im not happy with this and currently working to get the number higher 100kg

dumbbell shoulder press - 35kg x 8

wide grip chin ups - bw + 20kg x 2

dips - bw +20 x 5

this is my proposed diet

breakfast - 3 eggs and a bannana

morning tea - either 3 eggs or a can of tuna and a apple,(now im also thinking of adding a serving of syntha-6 with water at morning tea aswell)

lunch - hopefully itll be either chicken or red meat with a side of salad

after gym - 250ml skim milk, 60 grams of protein powder 2 teaspoons of milo

dinner - whatever mum cooks(i still live at home and she refuses too cook clean, however that doesnt mean we eat deep fried foods or complete shit, mainly its either some form of meat usually lamb chicken or steak with salad and maybe oven cooked chips or mash potatoe)

before bed - table spoon of natural peanut butter and creatine(cell mass)

also be having atleast 5 liters of water a day and occasionally a black coffee without sugar

any critques? this is the first time ive written out a diet plan, hell its the first time ive actually been on a diet, so any advice or comments would be recommended


Where about in AUS are you mate? And have you thought about something other than syntha-6? I'm not great at critiquing diets so I won't try =p good luck with it though, and keep posting progress reports.


im from doncaster in vic, nah but im up for suggestions there doesnt seem to be anywhere that i can get Biotest supps and im up for suggestions for decent tasting protein powders, its just ive had syntha 6 before and it tasted decent


I'm from carlton, I just ordered some Biotest stuff from this site (hence my level) and depending on how much cash you have it can be quite a cost effective way of doing it (assuming you sort of buy in bulk to negate the shipping costs). So like, buy a lot of protein (to last you ages) and it can be like 50 bucks a tub or something. Decent way of doing it I think.

  • Eat meat/eggs + green veggies every meal. (That is all you are allowed to eat.)

  • Drink green tea and take fish oil.

  • Have some carbs every 3-4 days.

Keep lifting heavy and do some cardio.


skip the mashed potatoes/chips @ dinner. there is really no need to ingest those carbs that late in the day if your goal is weight loss. Carbs in the morning is fine for slow steady weight loss, carbs immediately after the gym is fine too. but that big serving of carbs in the evening might be something to avoid. another thing....Take the CellMass (creatine) with your post-workout shake. there are directions on the container and they're there for a reason. best of luck with the diet.


I'd go low carb and trash the fruit. Forget the skim milk too. Defintely get rid of the table spoon of peanut butter before bed, thats for mass mostly. Eat more veggies.


First of all, figure out your macronutrient numbers you need to hit. How many calories are you supposed to be taking in? How many carbs, fats, and proteins are you supposed to be eating? Eating "healthy" but still eating too much is still going to put fat on you, or prevent you from losing fat. So its important to be dialed in so that you progress, instead of leaving it up toe chance.

Ditch the banana. Another couple of posters mentioned ditching the fruit, eating meat/eggs and only veggies. I agree with this. When you are leaner you can have your carbs. Here I would eat:

Fish Oil/Olive Oil
green veggie

Syntha-6 is too high in carbs to be using. Something like 15 carbs per scoop (5 grams fiber) leaving 10 net carbs. Try to use Metabolic Drive if you can. Ditch the apple for now. If you goal the whole food route, again, eat..

Fish Oil/Olive Oil
Green Veggie

This is good. Try to get some fish oil and another source of fat here. Make your fat calories roughly equal to or greater than your protein calories.

What's milo? This is ok, I guess, but is there any way you can get Surge here? Or if not Surge, maybe use CT's low carb post workout protocol consisting of:

20-40g Glutamine
15g Leucine
15g Glycine
40-60g whey protein isolate

Take your creatine here as well.

Eat the meat and green veggies, don't eat the starches. If they ask you why you're not eating it, tell them the truth.

Ditch the Cell-Mass, for a few reasons:

1) Its expensive.
2) It contains unnecessary carbs and sugar.
3) Its no better than monohydrate.

Pre-Bed, have 20-30 grams protein , and maybe 10-15 grams of fat from fish oil and other sources.

I'd also recommend reading CT's "Refined Physique Transformation" article and trying to adhere to the methods in that article.


i forgot to mention because i already do this but i do take 10-20 grams of fish oil a day, also i dont really have the money to be ordering more than maybe one or two tubs of Metabolic Drive from this site atm,

in reference too the cell mass, the only reason i take it is because monohydrate seems to give me digestion issues every time i take it, so i presume some creatine is better than none?

with morning tea would it be alright if i add a green salad with the can of tuna?

my plan is lifting every second day(listening to body to avoid overtraining) and cardio 5-6 days a week, a mix of x trainer, incline treadmill and sprinting


To whoever above asked what milo is, it's made by Nestle and when I was last bulking I basically lived on it. It's sort of like sustagen or ovaltine (don't know what similar products you guys have in the states). However, it isn't as finely ground, tastes a bit sweeter, little less protein than sustagen, and a couple of grams more of fat. I basically at it cost it just tastes so damn good.

On that note however, what the hell is 2 teaspoons!? I would have 4-6 heaped per glass.