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Cutting Diet And Strength Levels

okay so im a fat ass and ive been on a cutting diet for about 4 months now, at first i was getting stronger ever week on all my lifts, now only my squat and dead lift are going up, and my bench and row are stuck where they are for a few weeks now ( i do daily undulation of reps/sets and ive changed exersizes not too long ago mabye 3 weeks ago)

while cutting should i expect ANY strength gains? or will i hit a point where ill just be maintainng what strength/muscle i do have and just drop fat?

strength gains are typical and highly motivational when cutting, but you will reach a point in dieting in which progressively lowered calories will not allow you to actually continue making progress with strength. when i drop calories relatively low for cutting purposes my main goal is to simply not let my weights go down. best of luck


im only able to flat barbell bench 160 pounds for 3 sets of 6 right now which is REALLY sad, it used to go up steadily every week ( started at like 50 pounds) but ive been on a cutting diet since day one and still eating the same food, however i notice now im slightly hungrier, and im loosing weight more rapidly, before it was only 1 pound a week now its sped up to 2 pounds a week

at what point would i realize that i might need to increase food? when my lifts actually start going down? or i start loosing faster than 2 a week?

im 6’3 286 pounds right now (was 330 when i started 5 months ago or so)

oh as for how much im eating, im following the zone however i measure my protein intake in COOKED weight not raw weight like they suggest ( so i get enough protein in me) and eat 4 block meals 4 times a day for a total of 16 blocks which they claim that it should be 1600 calories (however ive calculated with a sample meal and if i were to eat that meal 4 times i would be getting about 3500 calories)