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Cutting Diet Advice?

I started doing keto about 5 months ago. I’m 25 years old my starting weight was 282 pounds and I am currently down to 241 pounds. My goal is to get down to around 200-210 or drop below 20%BF whichever comes first. I have recently been told that I am not consuming nearly enough calories to maintain muscle while cutting. I have been around 1700 calories while staying under 20 net carbs. Because of this I’m thinking of moving to a more balanced diet and consuming good carbs. Something like this:

2400 Calories
240g Protein
100g Carbs
115g Fat

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated as I do not have much experience in this area.

Maybe your body would like something else.

Try some intermittent fasting. Don’t get stuck on one diet for too long. Keep working at calorie defect and burning calories.

My wife’s on KETO and she and her friends love it. But I don’t agree that the body doesn’t need more carbs. They don’t go to the gym or have the drive to :confused:

Always tired and drained imo.

Thanks for the reply. I really may have to switch due to my body weight being so high that amount of protein may kick me out of ketosis anyway. Truth be told I wouldn’t be mad if I could eat a few more carbs lol.

I could be wrong but usually to be in ketosis you shouldn’t have any direct source of carbs. Except from your one cheat meal. So high protein - Moderate fats - Low carbs (10% maybe).
Also I think your cardio should be light but for long periods.

With those macros your cals break down something like this

Protein 960 - 40%
Carbs 400 - 17%
Fat 1035 - 43%

I dont think that will work. I suggest raising your carbs and reducing your fats. There’s some good articles on this site, use the search function and you’ll find a wealth of information.

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Do you suggest the amount of calories from fat and carbs to be fairly similar?

I am not qualified to give advice dpeels but I’ll tell you what I’m doing. The macros I aim for are

Protein 40%
Carbs 40%
Fats 20%

If I’m going to err I try to be on the side of protein, so if my daily macros end up 45%P, 35%C 20%F then I’m happy with that. On deload weeks I do a fasting mimicking diet for four days where I eat less than 1000 cals a day but I keep the macros the same or more P if anything. That is hell week but very effective. Two training logs to read, or at least I found very educational are jackolee’s transformation and Serge A Storms 8% all year.

This seems to suit me but its trial and error for everybody until you get it right. Log everything as you’ve been previously advised.

Edit: apologies @Chris_Colucci, never thought about the link.


Well mby U r not qualified but what u wrote have a lot of sense kind sir ! How long You are on this ? :smiley:

that artice was very helpful thank you

I didn’t lose as much weight as you did, but I did go from about 220 skinny fat to 185 then 170s.

It’ll take time as long as you stay consistent. I think you know this. But it had to be sustainable.

To lose weight is to feel hunger. Not fatigue. I was also taught 1/3rd water, 1/3rd food and 1/3rd air. Keeps a woman:man healthy and living long. Try it some day. You’ll be amazed as to how much energy your body has on less food. A bowl of oatmeal and some nuts/fruits lasts me about 12 hours now. Then I eat a bigger meal later. More before I work out .i usually eat a sandwich an hour before the gym or a long ride.

Do you have a good trainer to guide you ?

No so far I have done everything on my own

Unless you’ve got type II diabetes or are genetically pre-disposed for elevated blood sugar, just my personal opinion, there’s no reason to do kept. You’ll feel, and perform better, with some healthy carbs in you. Overall calories are king, so as long as you’re weighing and tracking your food, no need to be carbophobic! Keto can be a helpful tool when needed, but unless it’s absolutely necessary, I’m not a fan.

I’d recommend 1g protein per pound of bodyweight, equal amount of 1g per pound for carbs, and then the rest of your caloric allotment can be from healthy fats. Put yourself at a 20% deficit and work it from there, it’ll work as long as you execute consistently.

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thank you I appreciate this!


Athlenex is a great YouTube channel and he has some great advice and nutrition plans you can learn. There’s many more out there. Just find one that practices what they preach :slight_smile:

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