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Cutting/Diet Advice for 55 Y/O?

Looking for this online and mainly run into plans for someone young, someone not on TRT or those on steroids. I seem to fall somewhere in between.
I am 5’10”, weigh 225 and am 14.91% bf with calipers. Need to lose a belly; pant size is 36 but belly is 40. Chest 49-50”, arms 17”, neck 18”. Currently training DC style but not fully to failure; there might be differing opinions on training but I’m just getting back to it and have found over the years that his kind of lifting gets me ‘back’ more quickly. Besides, I like it.
I want to get lean and wonder how (or if) TRT affects diet programming and if I should go higher volume.

Do not up training volume on TRT. Just keep training like anyone else would whom is not on it especially at 55.