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Cutting, Did I Miss Anything?


190lbs, 6.2ft, 22 years, lifting for 6 months, BF +-20-23%
max lifts, dl 420, squat 280, bp 170

ecy stack, creatine, fish oil, vitamin d, whey when needed

-500 calories under bmr, try eating clean, fasting after dinner till lunch
lifting every other day
3x8 squats
3x5 deadlift
3x8 bench press
3x8 overhead press
3x8 rows
3xmax dips
3xmax pullups
3x8 tricep extension
3x20 calf raises

cardio everyday
morning fasted walking 45 min
45 min running or 1 hour cycling


Whats your macros currently and what's your macros going to be when starting the diet? 500kcal drop may be too harsh but it may be even more if you are currently eating 500kcal over your BMR (just a random guess btw), meaning you will be dropping 1000kcal from your diet suddenly which is rough.

What is your current training like also? Is it the same template you are planning to do? Do you already do fasted walks and cardio everyday?

I personally would only do the running/cycling on non lifting days at the start as well as make them 20mins and 30 mins respectively.


I would not start a fat loss phase with cardio. Add it if necessary or if you really need to lose fat fast. Diet should be enough to lose 1-1,5lbs of fat per week for quite some time.


Umm 500 calories under your BMR? Your BMR (basal metabolic rate) is how many calories you would burn if you didn't move. TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) is how many calories you burn when you take training into account, so 500 cals under BMR could be almost 1000 calories under your TDEE which is a large deficit to start your cut at.


I think I misunderstood those BMR term, I meant the TDEE. So aprox 500 less than I use.

Will see if I can handle cardio and weightlifting while on a cut, I do have enough free time to rest since I'm working as a freelancer.

Macrowise I'm not exactly sure about the ratios, but trying high protein to fill me up. And fat and carbs pretty much the same.


-Start conservative with the caloric deficit, so that you have somewhere to go when progress stalls.

-Start conservative with cardio like say 3 days times 30 minutes, so you have somewhere to go when progress stalls.

-Don't start with EC stack, so that you can add a fat burner when progress stalls

-Note the theme, if you are starting at a legit 20-23% BF then it will take time and you definitely don't want to use all the tools in you toolbox from the start.


You are going to crash and burn with this plan son!!

Volume: Too much
Frequency: way too much
cardio: way too much...you will lose muscle this way
fat burners: why? I didn't start EC stack until I was sub 10%

This plan doesn't need modifying. You need to toss it out and start over, ESPECIALLY if you're starting out 20-23% bf. You can make progress just following a basic training split and modifying diet without any cardio yet.


^Listen to this guy. You always want to make just small enough alterations to keep progress coming.



OP, you've got four been-there-done-that T nation cutting guru's in RH, JS, MD and Stu all weighing in ....

Pay close attention!


I'm not a regular on this forum, but I believe you on their intelligence on this subject.

Have been doing the progam I mentioned in the first post, minus the cardio on the lifting days. Two big meals a day, lunch and dinner. The big fast + the walking with yohimbe in my system at the end of the fast have really been working. Losing around 300 grams a day right now.

I do have more soreness than usual, probably due the lack of food. The 3x8 squats 2 days ago are still causing doms in my legs