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Cutting Cycle

Hello everyone.

Right now I am a collegiate swimmer , and I am looking to improve my body tone , but my problem is that I am a pretty severe hemophiliac, so I don’t know if I could stand all the injections (the trainers would probably notice the bruises, too…)

My goals are just to get stronger without bulk, and some more motivation to power through another lap session =S
I’m pretty “small” compared to you guys, about 5’9 and 165. But I have been resistance training for about 4 years, and I don’t really have as much gym time as I used to.

I plan on taking about a 8 week cycle in order to prepare for my last meet on Mar. 17’th.

I have been thinking about about this for awhile and I think I would like to start a Var/OT cycle. But of course, i’m not the expert on this. You guys are =)

Any help would be appreciated,

I’d say to worry about your swimming performance now, and aesthetics later. Just lift big and properly, and don’t jeopardize your training (or your taper).

If you had read his post you would have seen he wanted to improve his strength and perform in the water better. Not just change his body comp…

i’m using with nice results a VAR/TBOL stack.

I get a nice strenght improvement in the upper body (more in smaller muscle however) and a good weight improvement (with reduced abdominal fat).

i’m planning a 6week.
I’m on 4th

What should I expect? And what kind of dose should I use? I had planned a 40mg ED for each…but should I taper it either way?

And I was figuring to use Clomid, post cycle, to kick my natural test back in since OT shuts it down.

the final result depends deeply on your nutrition plan… so it is hard to give you an answer