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Cutting Cycle

hey, i want to start a cutting cycle and i have some questions.

plan to take lipo 6 by nutrex but was wondering if i can cut my protein intake. just want to still get stronger but not concerned with bulking. also im keeping my sets at 5 and my rep range at 25.

Whats your protein intake now?
Regardless, i wouldnt be cutting it at all, i would be exceeding 250g/day. MINIMUM!!! More like 3-350.

Oh dear…

My advice to you would be to NOT cut your protein intake and read some articles on this site. Good ones would be:

CW’s 10 x 3 for Fat Loss

CT’s Lifting for Fat Loss?10 Take Home Points

CW’s Set/Rep Bible

im currently take anywhere from 100-300g/day.

[quote]xxmatt84 wrote:
im currently take anywhere from 100-300g/day.[/quote]

thats a big gap. Kind of like saying I take in somewhere around 1500-4500 calories a day.

[quote]xxmatt84 wrote:
im currently take anywhere from 100-300g/day.[/quote]

Might want to do some reading as suggested, otherwise, you’ll look like this when your done.

What ever you do, don’t cut the protien.

If you are trying to cut, cut out teh carbs in the evenings. Read up on some of Dr. Lonnie Lowery’s stuff.


i say 100-300g/day because i alternate my protein sources and try to see how my body reacts to different cycles of source/amount.

You would be better off gradually dropping calories by manipulating carb and fat intake.

Protein helps maintain your lean mass when dieting, dont you want to preserve that?

Id go for 250g minimum every day.

1.5 x 235 = 353grams of protien a day.

To be honest with you, you might even shoot for 2 grams of protien per gram of bodyweight, it is overkill, but most people dont get high quiality protien.

Cut the carbs, not the protien