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Cutting cycle

I have a friend who has had some experience with steroids, predominately Deca. He’s one of those people who gains easily(he used deca at 300mgs per week and made excellent gains…it pisses me off), however he’s just turned 40 and would like to harden up a little(he’s going through his mid-life crisis, and just bought a fricking porche). I recommended the use of Masteron, testosterone propionate and winstrol, and/or tren, but because he’s fairly new to this game (maybe three cycles under his belt) I’m not sure of the dosages he should use or even the duration. What would you guys recommend?
He’s 6.3, 230lbs and 40 years old. Thank you.

test 500mg per week minimum

tren 75mg per day

winstrol depot 50mg per day

plus ancillaries

As P22 knows that I am fairly new to this whole cutting thing. I have done many cycle’s just bulking. But ever since I have talked to him I have done a shit load of research. This is the cycle that I am currently on, and working great.
Testosterone- 250mg per week
Stanozolol - 350mg per week
Dbol - 25mg per day
Tren - 75 per day
I don’t want to step on anyone’s shoes at all, but I don’t think that you should do more then 400mg per week of test. But hey that’s just my opinion, and that is what most of this game is all about. Opinions, and what works for the individual.