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Cutting cycle

Comments on Cutting cycle please

1-2 Clen t3 methyl 1-test
Clen taper from 20 to 60 mg
T3 50mg
Methyl 1-test 10 mgs

3-4 eca stack,t3,6-0X0
T312.5 mgs,eca 25mgs eph.3 times aday

Weeks 1-2 keto diet,5 by 5,low intesity cardio

Weeks 3-4 t-dawg diet,5by5,
400 meter sprints

Tring to lose as much fat as i can and maintain strength to some extent Asif you guys did not already know that

I’m not familiar with what 6-0XO is but I hope it is some form of steroid - var? because you should never do t3 without concurrent steroid use to preserve muscle.

6-0x0 is pct for the methly 1-test and i cut the t3 down to 12.5 so as not to burn muscle and keep the (fat burning furnace from hell burning strong)

I also might change the eca and clen around to benafit from the small anti-catabolic effect from the clen while of methyl 1-test

So what to you guys think of this setup for a short cutting cycle?

good luck I think,just make sure you use some hotrox or something after your t3 use to help your natural thyroid production recover, and don’t forget about postcycle use of clomid or nolvadex with possibly tribex, M, methoxy7, and redkat as some other options as well P-22

6-OXO is sold as an Anti-Estrogen basically. Ergopharm claims that it can boost natural Testosterone levels as well…but as far as for cutting I see this as a huge waste of money. Methyl-1-Test does not aromatize so an AntiEstrogen would not be needed during that or even afterwards really. Everyone i’ve talked with that has used M1T had no Post cycle suppression…including myself. Also, T3 is not as catabolic as some make it out to be. During extreme dieting and higher doses it really start to burn away muscle. At 50mcgs a day I see nothing to worry about especially if you’re using an anabolic as strong as M1T.

Clen CAN work good. But I’ll admit it’s only a hair better at burning fat compared to a GOOD ECA. Although clen has much stronger Anti-catabolic properties. But recent clinical research and studies have shown that Clenbuterol acturally DECREASES performance in the weight room and decreases cardiovascular performance. Who would have thought?? Not me

I agree that 6oxo seems like a waste. I also think you should run hot rox after you finish t3…this works well.
As for clen and ephedrine they both cause me to kind of crash once i stop them and they also seem to affect my sex drive so I avoid them.