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Cutting Cycle

I need some advice. I am currently on a cutting cycle of two MD6 3X/day along with 1500 mg of yohimbie, with my morning and noon MD6 dosage. I am wired for sound. The negative side effects are: 1)reduced cardio capacity, 2) restlessness all night, 3)cold sweats and the desire to strangle everyone. I can handle 2 and 3, but the reduced cardio capacity has me stumped. I am doing merely 20 minutes after training, which I normally breeze through on the stairmaster at 7 MPH/hour. I know the obvious answer is to cut the Yohimbie. Is stacking it with the MD6 giving me a fat burning boost, or merely driving me nuts for no good reason? Is there a better way to stack and minimize the side effects?

You do realize MD6 already has a pretty potent active yohimbine content, don’t you? I may have a solution for you. When I first added yohimbe to E/C/A I took one with an active yohimbine content of 8 mg. to 50 mg. of E/C/A as well as cayenne (ah, the good 'ol days). Never again, as I was so amped up I was delirious and thought I was gonna have a stroke. ANYWAY, it was recommended by one of the popular low-carb gurus that you take the yohimbe first thing in the am with cafffeine an hour before cardio (dosage based on bodyweight) and wait 4 hrs. for it to clear your system before adding the E/C/A. Problem solved, and I got rid of some extra stubborn bodyfat. A couple things: the recommended dosage of YOHIMBINE, not the yohimbe content is much higher than what most people take (.2 mg/kg bw), and your cardio should be low intensity and for longer durations. I know this goes against what most recommend but just try doing intervals or the like with lots of yohimbine in your system. Not good. Hope that helps.

I would cut out the yohimbe. I found that I have to be careful with fat burners and such. Too much will cause a shortness of breath, but it will seem to be alleviated by cardio. I’m also prone to heartburn on them. Listen to your body. Cut out the yohimbe and watch closely your md6 amt. It should be straightened out then.

Yep, I knew there was Yohimbie in MD6. I figured I would notch it up a bit before the holidays with more. MD6 works for me, but not extremely well. I seem to be very tolerant to any “fat burners”, even at max dosages. I will back off on the cardio intensity. Thanks.