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Cutting Cycle with T3


Hi to all.
i would like to read your opinion about this cutting cycle based on t3

lenght 5week

1w: 25mcg T3 ed
2w: 50mcg T3 ed
3w: 50mcg T3 ed
4w: 25mcg T3 ed

1w: 40mcg eod
2w: 60mcg eod
3w: 80mcg eod
4w: 100mcg eod

1-5w 40mg ed

PCT (starinf the day after closing TBOL)
1w 100mg ed
2-3w 50mg ed


well i guess it depends upon what type of t3. if its like mexican cynomel i ramp up to 175mcg and then back down.i'm at the end of a run now and results were good.


I suggest that you take the clenbuterol for the first 3 weeks ed and go 40mcg wk1 and 60mcg wk2 and 80mcg wk3...Any longer than 3wks is a waste of time...Switch to ephedrine hcl the final 2 wks at 50mg/d...Run the t3 for the 5 wks and keep your dose at 50mcg for wks 4 and 5 as ramping down does nothing more than limit your fat loss as suppression will still occur at 25mcg...BTW, suppression of tsh levels will be pretty limited as it is a low dose and duration is short, but I would still run 3-5g L-tyrosine and throw in some guggulsterones post cycle to counter any suppression that may have occurred...The ot dose should be fine.