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Cutting Cycle, Thoughts?


Stats on TRT have used mast, winny and that’s it aside from Test. When the Tren cycle begins I should be around 200lbs and 10-11%.

I was going to run this with Mast instead of tren but the results my buddy was getting on Tren changed my mind. It is possible my Mast was underdosed but even so I was running 100mg a day, had acne and made great strength gains so I assume it was legit (and also worked perfect for my goals which were strength to size ratio).

I have never ran Tren before so starting it by itself and low dose if it all goes well I increase the dose before adding anything else.

I have never ran Anavar either but not really worried about sides with that.

I am trying to do this with out Arimidex but it will be on hand.

All the color codes and details, thats hot amirite?


Ok thanks to another posters questions I did more research and reread a bunch of stuff.


Nothing like research and thinking out loud to get shit right.

Still though, thoughts please?


not a huge amount to worry about with anavar, being an oral have you looked at liver protection? don’t quote me on this but i don’t see many cycles less than 500mg of test per week, whats your reason for keeping it at 250?
or have i read this wrong?


Just enough to keep normal bodily functions going and let the tren do it’s thing. Also I should not need an AI this way.

I ran 500mg per week of test for a 1st cycle and thought it was too much tbh.