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Cutting Cycle: Test, Tren, Mast, Clen/Win. Advice?

Hello there…
Planning to run
Test c 250mg/week 1-10
Tren a 50mg/ed -350mg week 1-10
Mast prop 300mg week 1-10
Caber,aromasin on hand in case i need
Maybe will take some clen or winny like 1ml/50mg ed for 4 last wks in the end…
About the Masteron … is it true is worth it with only really low bf? Or its okay to go with it with 15% or more? Mostly want it because of muscle hardeness,free test and sbhb…libido enough from tren Already😀
Im on blast&cruise btw

The benefits elicited from mast only become particularly apparent (hardening, vascularity etc) when below say 12%, at least that’s the brosciency notion

Probably need to get down my bf to good level 12% spmething and then try it out,to expensive to waste it unnecessarily