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Cutting Cycle Test E, Prop and Tren


Hi Guys,

Long time lurker. Looking for a bit of advice, I’m going to be starting a cutting cycle next month. This will be my fourth time using a cycle.

Bf: 18-19%
200 lbs
Lifting 6/7 year
I’m going to run a calorie deficit of 1900-2000 calls p/d.

10 week cycle

Test prop wks 1-10 , eod 300mgs p/w
Test E wks 1-10 , eod 750mgs p/w
Parabolin wks 1-10, eod 225 mgs p/w
Arimadex 0.5 e/d

Clomid and HCG for Pct
Clomid for 5 weeks, HCG for 2 weeks

I have used tren before with good results.
I have also used that test dosage in a cycle with no sides.

I know prop is generally used to from load or at the end of a cycle. I plan on using it the whole way through so as not to spike my bloods. As I said I have ran that test only cycle before with good results.

What’s the opinions on that cycle and dosages?