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Cutting Cycle: Test E, Clen, T3


hi all ,this is my second cycle but my first cutting cycle, the other one was bulking cycle..my stats : 24 years old , 1,76cm 72 kg 10 % bodyfat. my diet is carbs cycle , i count macros and weight my foods ... i train everyday except sundays , somedays twice training sessions .. heres what im thinking about my cycle: 500mg test e per week (2 injections/week) 50 mcg t3 for first week (if i feel okay i will raise it to 75 mcg second week) if i said something wrong or you have better suggestions feel free to say it , now about clen , i read a lot about clen and i dont know what is best ... 2 weeks on/2 weeks off? 2 days on/2 days off ? or something else? i know i need to increase dose slowly ..also i heard in 2 weeks off you need eca .. i dont want to use eca, so what will be better? wating your thoughs and answers


At 72kg and 10% BF you do not need steroids to cut. IMO you do not need to cut full stop, especially with 500mg test. All it is going to do is help retain muscle you do not have. There is no point. Either bulk with the 500mg or cut with the clen ONLY if you feel you really have to. Best two options.