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Cutting Cycle Stack

I’m going to be running test e250 and anavar. What could I run with it? I have ran test a few times, I’ve ran winny twice and clen several times so I was thinking one of them but I’ve read it’s pointless to run winny with anavar. Tren has been recommended to me but not sure that’s something I’m ready for yet. Any cutting stacks you guys think would be good?

You probably don’t need to run anything with test and var that in itself is a proven stack.

If you had good results and handled the clen well then you could throw that in. Tren of course is a powerful option but using that is a decision that’s best made by you not because someone reccomends it.

If you can afford it GH would be awesome. You could also run peptides like sermorelin or mk677

I don’t if it’s just me but on clen my cardio seems to go to crap but other than that I’ve done pretty well on it

I can probably get gh but I’m not familiar with the other. I’m still pretty new and haven’t researched most things. I have researched clen, winny, test and var and tren. I have only two sources to get gear from and both don’t carry all the same things

If your meticulous with your diet there’s no reason you can’t get fantastic results with test and var.

I didn’t run anything other than TRT dose test during my last cut did just fine

My diet is ok right now but could be better which I plan on getting it on point before I start my cycle. It’s my cardio I’m having trouble with. I’m lifting before work but no time for cardio for awhile. Should I wait for work to slow down to run my cycle so I can do cardio with it?

Goals for this cycle are?

Weight loss mostly but building lean muscle mass too

Cardio is helpful for sure but diet it going to be your number 1 fat loss tool. Cardio for heart health, diet for fat loss, lifting to shape the body