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Cutting Cycle Questions


I have been running 100MG Prop EoD for 4 weeks now while trying to cut. I am 5’9", 195lbs., and according to calipers 12.5% BF.

My diet is the same diet that I have used for cutting in the past, but for some reason it seems to be goofy this time. This is my first time cutting with AAS.

My Diet consists of 250G Protein/100 Grams Carbs (Pre/Post Workout) and approx. 60 Grams Fat per day. (2000 Calories / Day). My TDEE comes out to 3000 calories when I calculate it, so thats about a 1000 calorie deficit.

Carbs come purely from oats and occasionally a few blueberries. Protein comes from powder/chicken. Fat comes from fish oil, olive oil, and peanut butter.

I do fasted cardio every single morning for 30 - 45 mins a session. I lift Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri during the week and on the days I don’t lift I do HIIT in the evenings.

Again, I have never had problems cutting in the past, but this is my first time cutting with AAS. In 4 weeks time my weight has not moved a pound. My bodyfat % doesn’t seem to have changed much (if at all) really either.

Can anyone explain what would be causing this? I feel there is no way I should not be dropping fat fairly easily with this routine + diet. This is also my second cycle.


Have you been dieting for 4 weeks solid with a constant calorie deficit of 1000 per day? If so this seems quite drastic, what diet were you on before you started cutting?

Are you running an AI on cycle to stop water retention from AAS? If you have bloated easily off the prop then you could look “puffy” but you may have dropped BF. Dont see this happening at this milder dose though :confused:

Try a cheat meal/day, long time to be low carb with no re-feed of any kind??

I would also personally up my fat intake, taking in a sppon of peanut butter or using cashews with meals. Post a meal by meal day?



Ya it has been constant, prior to this I was just maintaining at around 3k calories a day give or take a few hundred.

I have been using refeeds as well, didn’t realize I didn’t mention that. I have been doing them once a week so far. Going into the refeed I will weigh 195lbs. I will refeed and gain around 5 lbs on Saturday, and be back to 195 lbs by Monday morning.

From Monday to the next Saturday I just stay at 195lbs…rinse and repeat.

Day by day:

Breakfast - Grilled Chicken w/ Broccoli + EVOO

Snack - Protein Shake

Lunch - Oatmeal mixed with protein powder

PWO - Protein Shake blended with oats

Dinner - Grilled Chicken w/Broccoli + EVOO

Pre-Bed - Protein Shake w/ Peanut Butter

I had the same thoughts on water retention, but at 100 MG EOD it didn’t seem like the most likely of factors. That + with water retention I would think the calipers would at least change a bit.


I personally would definately change the “snack” to a whole food meal, these get the metabolism working better. You are only eating two whole food meals a day out of six. I would also go with a different carb source for post workout, use WMS or simply down an isotonic sports drink after workout with about 60g carbs in. Better to get some fast digesting carbs to those muscles after training.

Maybe once or twice a week try going with a medium carb day (weakest bodypart days) just add some carbs to the second meal of the day. Looks like your body is really holding onto that BF because your diet is basically starvation lol. Respect for being able to stick to that for any length of time. Seeing as how you are doing AAS anyway why not try getting hold of some clenbuterol, really good for fat loss if you use a good protocol.



One mistake i made in the past trying to cut, is that i didn’t leave room in the diet for progression. You have to reduce calories from week to week or at least over the entire span of the diet. If you dropped from 3000Cal one week to 2000Cal the next week, your body could think its being starved. If you reduce a couple hundred calories from week to week you can slowly lower your body fat.

The refeed should keep your body from really thinking its being starved. The AAS should help you retain muscle mass and strength. You should run an AI just to keep the water off, you could “see” more results that way.

One more thing to keep in mind is to progress your workout. Increase the cardio time. Increase workout density: supersets, complexes, circuits.


I’m suprised you haven’t lost bodyfat, until at least hitting a sticking point.

My first thought would be to try carb cycling. Maybe bump up to 150g on your two most taxing workout days, drop down to 60-70g on the 3 days you don’t lift, then stay at 100g on the remaining 2 days. Then maybe have 1 high carb day (300g) every 2-2.5 weeks.

It might not hurt to bump your protein up to 300g, but this would add an extra 200 calories to your daily calorie amount.

If you’re willing to add another compound, through my experience, Masteron and/or Tren seem to have a positive effect on fat loss, and stack well with Prop.

Workout wise, I’ve been able to stay relatively lean (around 10%) even while on very heavy androgen cycles and high calorie intake by doing antagonist superset workouts year round. I superset chest/bi’s, lats/tri’s, and quads/hams. My strength doesn’t suffer one iota, and my heart rate stays elevated throughout the workout, and for a good while afterwards.

Other than adding an additional late night cardio session (or gasp! DNP), I’m not sure what else you can do.


Two weeks on the Clen then two weeks on benadryl to clear the receptors. I know there’s a thread somewhere describing this more.