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Cutting Cycle Questions, Final Lookover

Hey! I have been looking at putting together a cutting cycle for quite some time now and I think I’m finally ready. I have two basic TestE cycles under my belt and am 5’7.5 @~200lbs with mid-teens body fat.

I was planning a 6 week cycle and have the basics down but was just looking for some advice on some details. Unfortunately, cost is very much an issue. I am not really interested in putting on size, but maintaining muscle and strength, which is why the dosages are a little low. Here are my two options:

Weeks 1-6
Test Prop - 550mg/week shot EOD


Weeks 1-6
Test Prop - 350mg/week shot EOD
NPP - 200mg/week shot EOD

Normal PCT for both.

I also plan on using Albuterol for both cycles and was planning on working up to 4mg 3X a day. Is it necessary to pyramid dosages? I figure starting at 2mg twice a day and moving up to 4mg 3-4X a day.

So which cycle looks best for just a basic cutting cycle? I have access to masteron prop. as well, and tren ace. but those two seem cost prohibitive for the dosages.

Thanks in advance!

Also, does Albuterol need to be dosed min. 3X a day, and is pyramiding really necessary? What would be a basic protocol for pyramding? I know I have a fairly high stim. sensitivity, so I would like to work up to 4mg 3X a day.

If I were you, I would stick to the first idea you had involving only Test Prop and cross Albuterol off the drawing board altogether.

Your cardio and training will be what make or break your body transformation. Focus more on that, since the Test Prop alone will cover grounds as far as catabolism and strength are concerned.

A cutting cycle is only a “normal cycle” with slightly lower doses in conjunction with a restrictive diet.

The AAS present are only there to fend off catabolism. Don’t complicate things when you definitely don’t need to.


i like albuterol myself it pushes your cardio along so to say …imo the 3 times a day dosing is used to compare it to clen effects or half life.

twice a day works for me

is it really necessary to be jacked up all day stimulant wise to burn fat?

at 5’8 200 lbs and mid teens for body fat you must have a decent build

post a pic

Good point on the 2 a day dosing… I might need something to just put me in the mood to grind out some cardio.

I know the basics of putting together a cycle, and how its only supposed to stave off catabolism at fairly low dosages, but then again, why do people use cutting specific drugs such as clen/albuterol/ECA and then things such as T3 and DNP? I know the last two are more advanced though.

I figure if I’m only going for 6 weeks I’ll need some help on top of AAS, wether in the form of a steroid that improves fat molbilization/utilization such as Tren I believe, or a stimulant.

I looked into Albuterol for its lack of major sides, but the dosing seems to be a bit of a hassle as it will be liquid form, and since my cycle is so short I was thinking about giving Clen a shot… two weeks on, two weeks ECA, two weeks on, then ECA during PCT.
I figure I won’t be on long enough to have the cardiac issues associated with Clen.

Also thinking about strictly ECA for the 6 weeks (on top of TestP), but I have found I have needed very high doses to produce and effect.

Any opinions on running low dose Masteron or NPP during the cycle? Would adding Tren at a relatively low dose be useful… I was thinking 75mg TestP/75mg TrenA EOD for a total of around 525mg a week as another possible option…