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Cutting Cycle Question

Will be doing 500mg Test-e every week for a 12 week cycle. Some time after looking to start a cutting cycle. Any info on cutting cycles is appreciated. Minimal pin ideal due to living situation but not 100% ruled out. I understand diet is critical so looking for pure cycle info as diet will be of no issue for me. Really looking for info on “beginner/intermediate cutting cycle” ideas.

Honest answer? You can cut like a motherf*cker on test-only if your diet is good. But I suppose the beginner/intermediate cut cycle is test/winstrol or test/mast or test/anavar. Anavar is probably low on the list because, well, best of luck finding and/or affording the real deal. Winstrol has a good track record, as does masteron. But for your minimal pinning needs I’d say winstrol is the winner. You still need to pin test though. Otherwise it’s a much less pleasant experience.

Much appreciated Iron. Ill do a little more research on those three as i am familiar with them, but not enough to make decisions at this moment.

Iron i am already on liver support for general health. With a winny/test cycle what would you recommend as far as:

Dosages of winny and test
Ancillary during cycle

I know a lot of this info is out there but curious as to your thoughts being you responded.